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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Political · #2251690
They may not look like monsters do
There are no monsters anymore,
not hiding ‘neath your bed.
They’re all in Washington D. C.
at the Capitol instead.

They may not look like monsters do.
They don’t show fangs and claws.
They do their evil deeds in suits.
They hide behind closed doors.

These monsters are more fearsome than
those ogres in your sleep.
They lie and cheat and do their worst;
it makes you want to weep.

They took a pledge to serve us all,
something that they’ve forgotten.
And now they only serve themselves.
They’re evil and they’re rotten.

And yet some people cheer them on.
They’ve fallen for those lies.
They too have given up their souls.
They aren’t very wise.

It’s scary to think what will come.
Democracy’s at stake.
Yet they continue to disrupt
with chaos in their wake.

We have to stay firm and resist,
stand up for truth and light,
with honor and integrity.
Preserve what’s fair and right.

So search your conscience and your heart.
Your country needs you now.
If we can scare these monsters off
then we’ll pull through somehow.

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