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by Kitbok
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The Lord regretted having made human beings because of their sins.
'The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.' Gen. 6:6(NIV)

The world was full of wickedness,
God could no longer ignore,
Hearts were filled with sinfulness,
They were rotten to the core,

The earth was replete with faithlessness,
It was brimming with perversity,
The human race was full of godlessness,
It was laden with iniquity.

So the Lord God regretted,
Creating humans in his image,
For their minds were corrupted,
All God's plans they sabotaged,

God was deeply troubled,
Seeing what the world had done,
Immorality by all the people.
Damaging His lovely creation.

Every thought and inclination,
Was extremely evil at the time,
Things were full of abomination,
All sorts of murder and crime,

The situation was so wretched,
Abounded with promiscuity,
Their hearts were perverted,
Saturated with debauchery.

God could no longer tolerate,
So much sin and decadence,
The Lord decided to obliterate,
And put all horrid things to end,

To destroy all living things,
Because the Lord God is holy,
And wiped out human beings,
Except for Noah and his family.

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