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The breaking of a new day, and your entire life in front of you.
What an absolutely gorgeous day we are waking up to this morning. The birds are chirping, and the cicadas are quiet, OR they have learned that humankind will eat them. LOL The sun is shining brightly and inviting. What another great day to start all over again.

You know, it is alright, if you were not successful yesterday. God has given you another opportunity today to give it your best shot -- nothing more and nothing less. Your choice.

My yesterday did not see a lot of progress, but it was my best for the day. I got a few floors mopped, a few clothes washed, checked out a few movies, had a sip of a new wine (Mango Passion) that someone wanted me to try, had an all-day meal (cereal, shrimp, mango, milk, water, etc.), visited with grandchildren, talked on the phone, sent emails/texts and just generally laid around. Definitely kept reminding me to be impeccable with my words, not to take things personally, not to assume, to just do my best, and when possible to take action.

What I should have been doing was cleaning my house, writing, painting, and working on a few of the projects on my mental list. Nada.

What all of that amounted to was a very good, happy, and luxurious day for me. I was tending to Malinda Miles, and minding my own business. LOL (On Friday, I got a few stressful calls, but quickly reminded myself that I was now Johnny Q. Public. That kept me out of a big mess, and other people's business.)

Today, I have no real plans except to be impeccable with my words, not take things personally, not assume, just do my best, and when possible take action.

I hope that each of you reading this will do what makes you happy today. I hope that you will not take on someone else's ideas about you not dredge up past regrets -- they are PAST -- great day to create some new successes or new regrets. You can't do a darn thing about yesterday nor very much about tomorrow, but you can knock the hell out of today!

Me, I am going to just enjoy this day and let it take shape. Who knows, it may be the best day of my life.

Peace and blessings to all of you always.
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