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Time to end the coddling! 😆 🎖️ A Senior Center Forum HM
A Father’s Day Confession

My grown kids took me out for dinner
to celebrate Father’s day.
I made sure that I had my wallet;
they always expect me to pay.

The talk, as it usually did,
was more about them and not me
as they moaned about how tough it was
and how nothing in life was for free.

I sat there and silently wondered
as a father had I gone astray
or was it some strange evolution
that made them all turn out this way?

My thoughts were soon interrupted
as my son handed over a card.
“We chipped in together to get this.
You know that the times have been hard.”

“Thank you,” I said with a straight face.
“But there’s something I need to address.
While mom and I were together a long time...
we never married I must confess.”

The look on their faces was priceless
as they stumbled over their words.
“Never married?” one finally choked out.
“Are you saying that we’re all bastards?”

I stood and looked each in the eye
with a smile like the Cheshire cat.
“If the shoe fits, I guess you must wear it...
and I think you’re CHEAP bastards at that!”

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An entry for June round of "SENIOR CENTER FORUM
Prompt: Father's Day
Form: End Rhyme ABCB
Line Count: 28
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