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We fall In love, get married but the married life can not always complete in peacefully.
As I opened the window and pulled the curtain, blue sky caught in my eyes.Still the sun had time to rise up. The refreshing air of the dawn made me enthusiastic for writing. I poured down hot water from flask and mixed coffee, milk and sugar in my mug.

My writing pad and pen was in the bag. I took them on desk, opened the page where I ended writing yesterday. Me a professional writer and I was on a tour on that time of raining ,staying in a motel.

I started writing a novel and it was about love and conjugal life, the subject matter of the story. The course of the story would have to be changed from there.It was my second day in the motel. On first day, I met the couple on the beach, staying in room next to mine. When I first saw them, I thought that they were very happy couple. Walking on the beach, holding each others hand, laughing loudly, who else could tell that they were not happy?

But I was unhappy in my conjugal life. I was running away from my wife. We had deficit in tolerance each other. Lack of this feature did not let us to be together. May be that was the personality conflict. The couple staying to the next door of mine, I thought they were happy couple. They were happy but happiness would become in end very soon.

Last night when I went downstairs for dinner, we had conversation, but in the mean time the lady started crying out loud. Every man and women who was there, all gathered sorrounding her. She was crying out for the pain in head. After a while, her husband noticed that she had brain tumer and she was at the last stage, she had only one month time in hand.

When I heard that, I was very much shocked. On that moment, tears came out in my eyes, but I had to hide the tears and so left the dinner table without let anyone get noticed. I came back in my room. I had drink, I smoked, and slowly went to bed. I had just one desire on that moment to quit everything.
* * *

Rain started outside. I kept the pen on the pad. There were two sparrows twittering on the window of the opposite apartment. I was watching the rain and the sparrows.

The theme of my novel was the couple and their relation of love.. I wanted to write the novel from romantic mode. But after last night I thought that the course of the story would have to be changed from there. The couple was very nice. Young, smart and good looking, a perfect match. They loved each other very much, no confusion in that. But what the man should do after the death of his beloved wife.

No medicine could work, so the gentleman brought wine and the lady was allowed to drink. Because the wine would have helped her in sleep and relieved from the pain.She slept in the night.

In the after noon the ambulance came and Sandra was taken to the hospital. But what the doctors could do then. The rain was falling cats and dogs. I got up from my desk and sat on a rocking chair. A glass of whisky was on my left hand. I closed my eyes. I saw the face of Nancy. Her face winked in my eyes just for a minute. I said,"I love you Nancy! I love you very much. But you don't understood, never tried.

Would love stories always have to be the tragic end? No, Not always. But I had not seen yet. What was the feeling, and the fragrance that spreaded all through life, I did not know. But I heard one love song in my youth that I can still listen in my ear The band's name was Eagle. The melodious love song I played on my guitar....
I was standing all along against the world outside
You were searching for s place to hide
Lost and lonely, now you're giving meat a world to survive
When we are hungry, love will keep us alive.

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