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Loves come along and stays for a short time. Pay attention!
That song, do we dare
take a dangerous chance
slip our skins
roll back years
hold each other so close again?

No words needed
our bodies speak.
Heat beneath his hands
we always fit together
in sweet familiar lands.

His scent for two decades
sent chills up my spine,
Chivas, Omegas and Calvin Klein.
Nights born of passionate lovemaking.
As I breastfed our redheads, his eyes seek mine.

Twirling me on the dance floor,
His possessive hands pull me close.
Our marriage was crazy hours,
ambitions, egos, excuses became old.
Presence isn't letters, candy, or flowers.

I melt like honey sliding down a jar.
Lips whisper like so many times before;
"Do you remember, Punkin?"
He reminds me of fire bursts
as freckled gentle hands stroke me first.

I will always have precious memories
of satin nights, secrets as best friends.
Cherished family times no one can replace.
Over years, I believe we both can see
we needed to break free.

Do we become the people
society says we are meant to be?
Not merely a three minute melody.
A fully formed, carefully created
exquisite symphony.

Maybe spontaneous perfection
is better left alone.
Love is like a wild splendid rose
spied once in life's field of weeds and stones.
Too late! Plans turn to ashes, as God knows.

By Kathie Stehr
June 20, 2021
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