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by Kitbok
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What happened to the builders and laborers who helped to build the Ark?
'And God said to Noah, " The end of all flesh has come in my presence, for the earth was filled with violence .....Make yourself an ark of gopher wood, ....' Gen. 6:13-14(TKJV)

God told Noah to build an ark,
To save him and his family,
The future of the world was stark,
That no one could ever foresee.

The ark was massive and huge,
To accommodate so many things,
And also to store all the food,
To feed animals and human beings.

Such a large immense structure,
To lodge a pair of each species,
It has never been built before,
It had never been done like this.

Noah could not build all this by himself,
He must have volunteers and workers,
To help him in building the ark,
He must have employed laborers.

The workers and laborers worked so hard,
To build this ark so gigantic,
They did everything to finish the work,
It was so marvelous and majestic.

They have done the best they could,
They felt great when the ark was finished,
But when the flood finally came,
No worker was saved but all perished.

All of us are helpers and workers,
We are hardworking laborers,
We built God's kingdom on earth,
And things that people admired.

But when we face the final judgment,
The Lord will announce the sentence,
Will we perish or hear these words?
'Come into the ark, my dear faithful friend.'

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