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A CHRISTIAN FRIEND: The Christian Writing Contest
We met in 1995 because another friend introduced us. I was shocked when she said she would visit again next weekend. Because people would say they would visit and didn’t I had the wait-and-see reaction within myself.

The next weekend I was pleasantly surprised because Mary had arrived for a visit. She suggested we go out somewhere for something to eat and to do some shopping. This was fine with me because unless someone was willing to take me somewhere I did not get to go anywhere. They, the motor vehicle administration would not give me a driver's license, wonder why? It wouldn’t be because I was legally blind, would it?

Our trip was wonderful but I don’t remember the details. What I remember is she told me she would be back the next weekend. And, I would get to meet her boys. Well, this is good but, we’ll see. I figured maybe she might return but I didn’t know for certain. People would do a time or two and say they would do more but, most of them didn’t make another visit.

The next weekend arrived and there she was again, yeah! I learned more about her situation and as we were headed to her car because we wanted to return to my place, I said, “when are you moving in?” Where did that come from? Mentally slapping my hand over my mouth because I had just finished telling her I didn’t want to share my space with anyone. I went away to the MD School F/T Blind for many years and had to share space with people. She later told me that she expected me to retract this offer which I never did.

A short while later she did move in including her young boys.

We’ve been friends all of these years. helped each other: with Mary helping me more than me her, and eventually moved from MD to Arkansas. She is still helping me. It’s very wild and many people have 5 or more acres, so it is sparkly populated. Mary has made it possible for me to live my childhood dream o living on a mountain in a log cabin. She does what Jesus would do. She helps expecting nothing in return.

She has helped me with many personal care tasks, projects, and moving at her expense of time and at times financial support. I have helped her but without Mary, I would not have had such a full and close as possible normal life. She has been a friend, family member by adoption as far as I'm concerned, caregiver, mentor, and guide, all-around best friend anyone could wish for. Mary is a true and loyal friend. She is a gift from God.

She is helping me develop my homestead. Her cabin is nearby on my property so that whenever I need help she can quickly get from her place to mine. In the middle of the night for medical emergencies.

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Prompt for June:
Tell us about a Christian who has shown love. It can be anyone from Mother Theresa to your grandmother, friend, neighbor—any Christian who has loved as Jesus loves.
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