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Never believe the forecast... 🎖️ 3d Place - A Better Nature Contest (Form: End Rhyme)
Just A Dusting...

"Just a dusting," the new said.
You'd think by now that I'd know better.
but I prepared; I planned ahead,
laid out my clothes with matching sweater.

I woke up to a world of white;
the snow lay thickly on the ground.
The neighbor’s kids cheered in delight,
their voices made the only sound.

I dressed and hurried to my ride.
Though bundled, I still froze my feet
but soon, I thought, I’d be inside
basking in my car’s warm heat.

I turned the key with self-assurance;
my chariot would not fail me.
The thumping bunny’s long endurance
paled when compared to my Chevy.

Lights dimly glowed, no sound was heard
of a starter turning merrily.
The silence broke – a single word:
“Damnation!” but it was just me.

Of course, I tried it once again
though why I did I couldn’t say.
I mumbled spells that were arcane
but nothing seemed to work that day.

Without power, On-Star mocked me
offering no shred of hope
as I sat, dejectedly,
acting like some wimpy dope.

It’s then I thought of my cell phone –
I could call for Triple A!
It wasn’t charged. I was alone.
Murphy’s Law had won the day.

With shaking hands and icy nose,
I waved the white flag in defeat.
Some days that’s just how it goes -
in the end, a frozen seat!

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An entry for the June round of "Your Better Nature Contest
Prompt: A memorable weather event. The Blizzard of 2010, a.k.a. "Snowmageddon."
Form: End Rhyme ABAB
Line Limit: 40
Line Count: 36
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