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by Kitbok
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Children learns from us adults
I woke up a little late. Looking around, I found myself in a hotel room. After washing my face and brushing my teeth, I took a bath. Then I went to have the complimentary breakfast. The receptionist just looked at me. I wished him a good morning.

After breakfast, I found I would be late for the office if I go home. My wife would have dropped the children to school before she would go to her office. So, it would be pointless to go home. Therefore, I went directly to the office. I was a bit earlier than usual.

When we opened the office for the public, my wife came in. I was sitting alone in my office when she entered. From her face, I could see that she was almost in tears. I stood up and went to comfort her. It would have been a shame if my colleagues saw her crying in my office. So I said to her, "Sorry. Please do not cry here. I will come home after the office. Something extraordinary happened last night. I will tell you everything when I reach home."

"I am sorry. Thei (our maid), being her daily routine, locked the gate as usual at 10.30 PM. She forgot you have not been home. When we heard the honks, she came to open the gate, but you left," she told me.

"It is OK. I told you something extraordinary happened. It is difficult to explain but I will tell you everything when I get home tonight."

I tried my best not to lie. I had learned the hard way not to lie. It does not pay. It makes you more unhappy if you lie. So, I tried not to lie to my wife and children. And they know this.

So, when I did not come back home, she thought something bad had happened to me. But when she saw I was fine, she believed me. After a cup of coffee, she left.

After office, I left for home.

On reaching home, our maid asked for forgiveness. As it was her duty to close the gate at night, without thinking, she locked the gate at 10.30 PM. She forgot to look if I was home. I told her not to worry, because of what she did I could help someone in need.

Everybody was eager for me to tell the story of what happened the previous night. I waited until a proper time to tell them everything.

We had our dinner as usual. I used to tell bedtime stories to my children before they went to sleep. So, while my wife was nursing our one-year-old son, our two daughters, aged four and a half and six years old, were prodding me to tell them stories. Therefore, I told them what happened the night before.

We had just started computerization in office. The computer got stuck when we ran our EOD (end of day) process. Therefore, we could not proceed further to close our day. We could not leave the office without closing our accounts. While waiting for the service engineer to come, we cooked a simple dinner and had our food in the canteen. The engineer came late. We finished our work after 11.00 PM. I came home only to find the gate locked from inside.

I was exhausted with lots of problems in the office. Now, I found the gate to my house locked. I was furious. In fact, I was too angry. While in this state, I thought it would be better to wait rather than explode from anger. If I exploded, it would be bad for everybody. So, I went back and sat in the car for some time. It was during this time while thinking about what to do when I heard a small silent voice telling me to drive away.

Through many experiences in life, I have learned never to go against these small, silent voices. If you don't listen to them, many times you end up doing things which you would later regret. However, when you listen to those small silent voices in your heart, it always leads you to better and bigger things in life.

Before I left, I gave one or two small honks so that they would know that I had come home. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Thei come running to open the gate, but I had already reversed my car and driven away.

On reaching the community parking lot, I stopped the car and parked it on the side. On second thought, I regretted driving away from my house. Now that I had already left, I could not come back. Not knowing what to do, I sat alone in my car. It was almost midnight.

It was during this time while I was sitting alone in my car when I again heard this small, silent voice. This time, it told me to drive around.

How could I drive around when it was almost midnight? However, it would be safer that way than sitting alone in the car. So, obeying that voice, I started my car and drove away.

After a few minutes of driving, I saw two people standing on the roadside. When they saw my car, they waved frantically, signaling for me to stop. I saw one was a woman and the other a man. I just drove straight without stopping.

When I passed them, my heart would not allow me to drive further. It was that silent voice again. I had been in such situations before. I felt bad for those who refused to help me, but I bless those people who helped me in times of genuine need.

So, I reversed the car to where these people were standing. Rolling the car window, I asked how could I help them? The man told that his wife was in labor pain and needed to go to the hospital urgently. I opened the passenger door, and they got in.

Once inside the car, they told me they recently came to the city to work as laborers. They did not have any friends or relatives in the city. They needed to go to the government maternity hospital as they do not have enough money for a private hospital.

I took them to the government maternity hospital, which was a little far. While driving, the lady requested me to drive a little slower, because she might give birth inside the car. If that had happened, it would have been a big mess for me, I told my wife and children, stressing every word.

On reaching the hospital, the husband took his wife in a wheelchair for admission to the hospital. I waited outside.

Later, the man came back to thank me and offered money as a fare. I refused to take the money, telling him it was a private car. Then, before he left, he asked me if I believed in God. I asked him why? Then he told me that before they left their rented house, his wife prayed, "God, please take us to the hospital". He said he was doubtful about how God would take them to the hospital when it was around midnight. When I drove past them, he thought God was playing a joke on them. Then when I reversed the car, he said he was confused.

Then, while he took his wife in the wheelchair, she told him, "Look, God answered our prayer. We asked God to take us to the hospital and now we are in the hospital. God used that stranger to bring us here. Go, thank him."

My eldest daughter asked me, "Papa, do you think God speaks to you through those small silent voices?"

It was a simple question, but difficult to answer. I answered, "Maybe, yes. God speaks in different ways."

"You were late in the office, Thei closed the gate, and you left because you were angry. You heard the voice to drive around. In doing so, you could take this couple to the hospital. Was this God's plan?" She said.

"I think so because it was certainly not my plan," I answered.

With sleepy eyes, she asked, "Papa, suppose you did not drive around, what would happen to this couple?"

I told her, "God would find someone else to take them to the hospital."

"Papa, I am proud you helped this couple."

"Thank you, Dear."

Then she sleepily said, to me and to herself, "Papa, I also believe in God."

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