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love letter/poem for my boyfriend
I’d been dancing alone for a long time, the only music I heard was my loneliness wrapped up in sad lyrics, and I was left wondering if I’d ever find a partner to dance with.

Dancing alone is a skill I required long ago, but I wanted that to change, because dancing is more fun when you have someone there with you.

I’d tried to find a partner and had someone to dance with me at one point, but he left me so he could dance with a more suitable partner.

For a while, I couldn’t dance, too heartbroken and lost to do so, but I slowly picked up the skill of dancing alone, and for a while, that worked.

Still, my imagination ran wild, and I pictured being held close by a special someone, my hand in theirs, as we swayed back and forth to love songs.

When you came around and offered your hand to me, I was willing, but still unsure, I barely knew you, and I didn’t want my dance to end with me alone.

Each step I took, you took with me, and slowly our steps ended up being in tune, and the music changed from sad lyrics to a friendlier sound.

Only once did our dance falter, and I thought I was going to lose it all again, but you came back and took up the dance as if there had been no stumble at all.

Our dance changed again, from a friendly dance to a more romantic love song, and I haven’t looked back since.

I do not know how this dance will end, if it will end up with us being alone, or if it will last a lifetime, but I’m enjoying every step of it.

You posed the question the night we met, and I carefully accepted, but now, I will pose the question to you, and see if your answer is the same.

Can I have this dance?
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