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by Sumojo
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2253218
Dialogue with an imaginary friend. Locked in a basement hiding from Covid outbreak
Word count 192

“I’ve always liked your name, Wilson.”

“Really. Why?”

“I had a thing for Harold.You know, Harold Wilson?”

“Nah, never heard of the guy.”

“Sure you have. Always wore an old Mac. Sucked on a pipe.”

“Oh, you mean the British Prime Minister, back in the day?”

“Yeah, that’s the guy.”

“We’ve been down here too long if you’re dreaming about dead guys.”

“How long do you think it’s been?”

“Oh, Gee. It seems like forever. I suggest it’s time to risk it.”

“Not yet, Wilson.”

“Who decides?”

“Me of course.”

“Who made you the boss?”

“You know, you’re getting too big for your boots.”

“Huh, you’d be lost without me. Who would you talk to?”

“I could have chosen anyone, you know.”

“No one would put up with you. You’ve never anything interesting to say. You live in the past.”

“Well, there’s no good talking about the future, is there?”

“Sure there is. I really think we should leave here now. At least stick your head outside.”

“My head? How about we stick your head out? Yeah, I think we’ll do that right now.”

“I was only kidding. Let’s talk about Harold.”
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