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Daily Flash Fiction 6/26/21 W/C 274

What are the Odds?

“Mom, guess what!” May called out of the blue. I hadn’t heard from her in a few weeks.

“You got a new job.” I had no clue what my daughter was up to.

“No, I ‘m pregnant. And you’ll never guess what else…”

“Since I couldn’t guess you were pregnant, I’m sure this will be a surprise as well. What else?”

“Are you sitting down?”


“It’s twins!”

We talked a bit longer, the good news was quite a surprise.

The next day John called.

“Mom, guess what!” John hadn’t called in a day or so.

“I have no clue. But did you hear about May’s news?”

“We did. And guess what! We’re pregnant also!”

Now I was hearing things, for sure.

“Is there something in the water?”

“Seriously Mom, and another thing, it’s twins for us too!”

I did have to sit down now. Two sets of twins, what are the odds of that happening?

Now I got the two of them on a call and we chatted for some time about this development.

I just had to call Mark, my brother, to fill him in on my news. He’d never believe this. There was no history of twins in the family as far as I knew.

“Mark, guess what!”

“Well, hi there. I was just going to call you. You’ll never guess our news, Mary.”

“Me first. May and John are both having twins. What are the odds of that happening?”

“It gets better. We just found out David and Margaret are pregnant and they’re having twins also!”

We both said at the same time ‘what are the odds of that happening’.

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