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by Norman
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I look like a grinning fool
She thought I gave a smile to her
But that was not the case
I was holding back the pain
And so I made a face

My back was acting up again
It happens now and then
That’s when I try hard not to moan
Ignore it if I can

I’ve learned to grimace silently
Pretend it is a smile
I don’t want any sympathy
You know that’s not my style

So I look like a grinning fool
And no one is aware
Someone up close may hear the truth
Under my breath I swear

But she was far enough away
She did not hear those cries
Until she moved up close to me
And looked into my eyes

Then she could see the pain I felt
And I could see she knew
And I could tell the way she looked
That she had felt pain too

And then she put her hand in mine
As if to help me heal
I looked at her with gratitude
This time my smile was real

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