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Daily Flash Fiction 6/29/21 W/C 179

Don't Do It!

My cell phone isn’t working. No bars. But this happens sometimes, so I grabbed a book. The world will be in touch eventually.

Soon I wanted to know what happened to that girl. Where did she go? Why did she go alone? Why did the writer put that character in her way?

I read a few more chapters. Now she was walking into danger, I was sure of it.

“You’re in danger! Run, don’t walk! Crazy woman, don’t do it!” I yelled at the book.

My cat came over, gave me a glance, then slowly found her favorite perch on the windowsill.

My cell phone rang. It was John.

“Are you in some kind of trouble?” His voice sounded fraught.

“What? I’m just reading. No, I’m fine.”

“I got the impression you’re in trouble.”

Kat meowed, went to the door.

The doorbell rang.

“I gotta go. Someone’s at the door.”

“I think you’re in danger, don’t do it!”

Now there was someone pounding on the door.

“Bye, John.” I ended our call.

John’s right, I shouldn’t have done it.

W/C 179

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