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During this Pandemic struggle there are some current government resources to offset it---
I believe that during this Pandemic time that single people get a boost, a bonus or incentive to tie the knot. Being single myself I know that it is quite pricy paying your way full price. It just makes sense to share the burden of bills by dividing them with a spouse. I myself may be too old to model this advice being single for 66 years now.

It is better to get along in life with a partner who will share the burden by being married. Yet I can't speak for myself for I just received my retirement this month. However, singles may need a nudge to make this commitment come true. If sharing the burden of living expenses is not appealing enough there needs to be a clause for the tie.

I often wonder what influenced my family to be single and stay single. I hope that they don't think I had it easy on my own. I had to barrow many husbands along the way it in this world. And, it was from their own goodness to help me on occasion being a single female. But, what if you don't know good people willing to help you? You may be asking for trouble by asking strangers to help you at any task that requires a man if female.

What will become of my own cousins children who are all single and not married? Not one of them tied the knot. Yes, they are all in their 20s, 30s, and 40s yet without spouses or families of their own. Yes, I think it is alarming as they are running out of time and are in need of an incentive for courtship to marriage. Will there be a government proposal for proposals?
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