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Getting over a relationship is always wrenching to the heart.
I’ve still got the Blues for You

Her enticing perfume lingers,
Fades to die on my pillow case.
Memories of slender fingers,
tracing tears gently on my face.

Her hand, once petal soft in mine,
running into enticing waves.
Sensual, deep and divine,
our mouths join, melt in to flames.

We alone hold secrets of life,
sprinkled by youthful stardust.
No hint of future pain or strife.
Nay, dark skies, forever paints a lovely sunrise.

How I cling to my fairy tales.
Damn her, making me believe.
Intricate sandcastles all fail.
Cling tightly, even best plans unweave.

Love is only white caps on my ocean.
A gentle teasing of tide on sand.
Lust, only temporary blue happiness.
Gone, a golden band on my hand.

Some days are sweet visions
Us laughing on a carnival ride
Imagining children, future traditions.
I was always one to escape, to hide.

Scenes fading into soft pastels now.
One day I will see life clearly.
No shadows, a new horizon to gaze on.
Until someone plays our song.

By Kathie Stehr

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