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Zoey And Jack The Neera

Chapter 2. The Truth

Jack flinched as the door opened up revealing a stairway leading upstairs towards two doors, one on the left and one on the right. Jack looked up at his new owner. She closed the door and lifted Jack to her muzzle so he was at eye level.

“Welcome to your new home, cutie” She smiles but continues “If only you could hear me or understand me “She muttered softly. Jack said nothing as he felt sad, he could talk but he didn’t want to scare her or at least tell her that he does understand.

She walked towards the kitchen and placing Jack on her shoulder. Jack quickly held onto her blonde hair as he watched her place her grocery’s on the table. Jack sighed as he looked around the house and seeing everything in her eyes.

She gently bent down to pick up the last bag and started to walk towards the stairwell, walking up she went into the door on the left. Opening and closing it behind her she walks into her room and gently picks Jack up, placing him on her desk.

Jack stood there in awe as he looked around the room, her bed was covered in a bright red cotton blanket. The ceiling was an orange color and a single light was mounted in the middle. Jack looked on the desk to see pencils, paper, and rubbers. He walked over to her laptop then back to her pencils.

Jack looked up at her as she was sorting things away, like clothes. She looked towards Jack and sighed as she saw all her pencils in a mess. She walked over to her desk and sat down in her chair. Jack moved out of the way as she picked up the giant pencils.

The fox girl finished up and sighed as she laid her head on to the desk starring at her new pet. Jack smiled as he watched her look at him, Jack took one step towards her but shivered as she smiled at him but exposing her fangs to him.

“It's okay,” she said trying to soothe him.

Jack breathed out slowly and took another step till he was only a meter away from her right eye. With every move he made he watched her giant eyes trace him. Jack extended his hand out slowly but brought his hand back but convinced himself and pulled his hands out.

Jack closed his eyes as he felt the warm fur against his hands. He opened his eyes to see her smiling.
Jack instantly backed away as she lifted her head to speak.

“You’re a lot braver than any other mouse boy I have come across, most mouse boys wouldn’t even come near us.

Of course, you flinch every time I pick you up but your different it’s like you can understand me but that's stupid of me” she said to herself. Jack just smiled then slowly grinned.
The fox girl noticed his smile wider, she was shocked and stayed seated.

“You just smiled at me when I said it’s like you can understand me,” she asked as she stared at you a bit more.

Jack didn’t know what to do or think, he just stood there not smiling. The fox girl's smile slowly turned sad but watched the mouse boy’s lips slowly turn into a smile. She immediately smiled back.

“You can understand me can’t you,” she asks picking jack up and making him flinch as he feels her warm fingers curl around him then fold out.

Jack slowly gulps and nods slowly looking up at her. Jack saw her smile go from a grin to full excitement. He grinned watching her full of excitement.

“Now before we get too excited can you talk, you can understand me but can you talk” She repeated to Jack.

Jack was going to speak but looked towards her drawings and had an idea. He jumped off her hand and onto her desk. The fox girl was confused but started to figure out what he was doing. Jack grabbed the tiny pencil he found in her stash of pencils which was the perfect size.

Jack turned the page with struggle but she helped him by turning a new page over for him. Jack looked up at his owner and pointed to the paper, but she just kept smiling.

Jack started to write in her language on the paper in big letters, “I can talk but I’m afraid”.

She read the message smiled and quickly picked him up and hugged Jack against her cheek, its okay I will never hurt you” She said as she hummed a soothing tune to him.
Jack brought his hands out and hugged his owner’s cheek.

“Thank you,” Jack said calmly and quite clearly.

She smiled, she felt so happy that he could take and that he was the only mouse boy that could talk. Jack was going to say something but kept quiet, he continued to hug her feeling her warmth of her fur against his hands.

She redraws her hand away from her cheek and smiling gently. She watched him shiver. She grabbed a small red cloth and wrapped him around it. She placed him on her shoulder and got up walking towards her bedroom door. Opening it and walking downstairs to the kitchen. Placing jack on the counter.

“My name is J-Jack,” Jack said softly to her.

“That’s a nice name Jack, Mines Zoey” Zoey smiled.

Jack smiled knowing he could actually have a conversation with someone but was still scared of her as he watched her fire up the stove, Jack instantly flinched as the burner clicked and suddenly a flame appeared. Zoey placed a small frying pan on top of the flames, she dialed the flames down and walked over to the fridge pulling out some mince and spaghetti. Jack continued to watch her make dinner. Zoey looked over her shoulder seeing him watching her.

“I hope you’re not trying to get a good look at me while I cook,” She said giggling and smiling as she resumed cooking dinner.

“N-No” Jack smiled covering his face as it was red as a tomato.

Zoey just laughed as she placed the spaghetti into another frying pot. Again Jack flinched as another burner clicked on. After several minutes, Jack looked around the kitchen seeing photos of Zoey and another fox girl around the same height and similar age but her fur was pure red and a whitetail. Zoey’s house was like any other house, had a bedroom, lounge, kitchen, and bathroom.

A loud ping noise let go as Zoey's phone went off. Making Jack jump instantly, looking on the screen reading “Sis: Hey Sis I’ll be home early tonight, leave some dinner for me, thanks”

Jack looked up at Zoey and slightly smiled and picked up her phone unlocking it and replying to her.

“You have a Sister,” Jack asked worriedly of what she would be like. “Yes, but she’s not like me, so when she gets here I have to hide you, so she doesn’t see you” Zoey frowned as she explained.

“Now we have got plenty of time before she is home so I’d like to ask are you hungry,” She asks licking her lips.

“Yes,” Jack reply’s a little worried as he watches her tongue glide across her lips.

Zoey pulls out a plate and puts her spaghetti into a bowl and pouring herself some lemonade. She gently picks Jack up and placing him on the edge of her plate as she lifted the plate off the counter and onto the dining table.

Zoey broke a bit of spaghetti off and passed it towards Jack. The spaghetti was huge but started to eat it slowly but picked up the pace is it was the best food he had ever tasted in a long time. Zoey giggled as he scoffed the one spaghetti noodle down and a little bit of mince. She noticed he was full and lifted him off her plate and up next to her glass of lemonade.

Zoey picked up her fork and her knife and started to slice through the spaghetti chopping it up, she lifted serval noodles into the air and slurping them into her cavernous maw. Jack shivered in fear as he watched her eat, he felt goosebumps every time she swallowed.

Zoey eventually finished her meal and noticed he had goosebumps all over his body.

She gently wiped her mouth with some paper towel, moved her plate away, and moved Jack to look directly up at her.
“You still afraid of me, aren’t you?” Zoey asked eyeing Jack carefully.

“There is a lot I’m scared of but one in particular” Jack said slowly watching her lips as she spoke.

“You’re afraid that I might…….eat…..you,” She said plainly not smiling.

Jack slowly nodded.

“Jack if I wanted to eat you, I would have already swallowed you when I got you to my car,” she said softly.

“Did you want to?” Jack asked scared thinking why he was so fixated on it?

“Jack, no, I saw your price tag and couldn’t just eat you for $60, your special you can talk, you’re the first mouse boy known to talk and that’s really big,” She said.

“I guess your right but before you said you need to hide me from her, can I ask why or shouldn’t I,” Jack asks curious but worried about finding out the answer.

Zoey paused, she got up and picked Jack up from the dining table, and placed him back on the kitchen counter. Zoey placed her plate in the sink and slowly took a sip of her lemonade. Seeing Jack was awaiting an answer she placed the glass down.

“My Sister Rose, she’s a very playful type of person but why I say I need to keep you hidden is she eats your kind a lot, she teases you before eating you, she likes to play the game before finally eating you or keeping you for a more gruesome fate later on in the day, I’ve seen her tear into another mouse boy at age 10 and ate him while he screamed in pain. She is a little older than me she is 23 while I’m 20 like you” Zoey explained.

Jack's expression was not how he wanted to hear it, he felt sick listening to her. She sounded like she was a murderer towards mouse boys. Jack breathed out slowly but jumped as her phone continued to buzz.

Zoey’s face was confused as the phone ringing said “work “.

“Hello Zoey Speaking” Zoey answered the phone call started to chat away. Jack got up to look around the tabletop, waling to the edge he sees a basket of clothes. He looks back towards Zoey she was still busy on the phone smiling away talking to one of her work colleges. Jack sighed and breathed out slowly and took the leap of fate. Falling towards the basket of clothes, it felt like he was falling for more than 5 minutes still “THUMP”.

Jack landed softly onto a pair of bright blue skinny jeans, crawling to the edge of the basket and dropping down onto the floor. Jack looked around then proceeded to walk towards the lounge room, seeing many cupboards and boxes hidden in the corner of the house.

Jack kept walking till he saw a shiny object in the far left-hand corner on the lounge covered by some bedsheets, looking towards Zoey then back towards the unknown bed sheets covering something. Jack gulped and walked in to see 3 metal cages perfect size for holding mouse boys like himself.

Jack didn’t like it one bit, instantly he ran out towards the lounge room but to be smacked straight into something furry. A bit dazed but getting up to see I giant red furry foot, following up was another giant with bright red fur and white fur in places. She wore a pair of white skinny leggings and a white top, she had small breasts but still decent.

Jack looked up till he was looking into her eyes, her eyes glowed red piercing into Jack. Jack looked to see Zoey still on the phone but slowly leaving the kitchen into the hallway. Jack tensed his legs and sprinted to get some distance away from the new giant.

Jack continued to run but heard a giggle above him, he kept running but fell face down and the giant bent down putting a finger on Jacks's tail. Jack turned around trying to yank his tail out from under her finger.

Jack stopped struggling as he looked up into her eyes and froze, looking on her shirt is read “Rose “. Jack gulped hard, this was Zoey’s sister Rose. Rose licked her lips as she slowly started to curl her fingers around him and lifted him. Jack was in fear as he dangled him at eye level smiling evilly.

“So, care to explain why you’re in my house” She chuckled smiling showing her great white fangs that glistened with salvia.

Jack wanted to speak was in that much fear and shivering like crazy he couldn’t, he just wished Zoey could be here.

Rose brings Jack to the kitchen and places him down on the kitchen bench. Rose stars at Jack scanning him. Zoey walks in to see Rose eyeing him and gasps. Jack sees Zoey and instantly runs towards her and wrapping him up in her hands.

“Another pet, Zoey c’mon, how long is this one going to last,” Rose asks Zoey.

“He’s more special than any other mouse boy I’ve owned” Zoey replies.

“Zoey they can’t talk, just let me eat him as I know you won’t,” Rose says as she tries to snatch him from Zoey.

“Hey! Back off, he’s not food he is a friend and possibly the only mouse boy that can talk” Zoey says with a bit more force.

Zoey, they can’t talk and who was that on the phone by the way” Rose asks smiling at Jack but Jack hides so he didn’t have to look at her.

“This one can, ahh it’s my boss from work I’ve got a meeting to go to and I can’t take little Jake here so he will have to stay here” Zoey replied looking down at Jack. Jack was shaking his head realizing he was going to be left with Rose.

“Aww, you even gave it a name does this mean I get to ea-…I mean look after him while you’re gone” Rose asks as Zoey placed Jack back onto the kitchen table.

“I’m sorry Jack but I have to go, Rose please don’t eat him, he can talk, “she said as she grabbed her wallet and quickly got changed and ready to open the door and leave.

“If he doesn’t talk in the next few minutes I’m eating him” Rose giggles looking back towards Jack showing her tongue and slurping it back into her maw.

“Jack just talks to her okay, bye,” She said as she rushed out the door and slamming it.

Jack jumped from the slam but more importantly, he looked back into rose's red eyes as they starred at him. Rose walked around the bench and opened the fridge bringing out a bowl of grapes and pouring a glass of water, she giggled and picked Jake up and into the bowl of green grapes and her water.

Jake gulped as she lifted the bowl of grapes and proceeded to head upstairs to her room.
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