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Mawplay, nudity, blood, hard vore, Prey/Predator, Macro/micro, Furry, anthro,
Zoey And Jack The Neera

Chapter 4

The Urge

Jack opened his eyes staring into the ceiling of the kitchen, a cool breeze drifted into the kitchen giving Jack a slight shiver. Jack felt cold but suddenly felt a warm airflow over him. Getting up and turning to face the hallway. Rose must have finished her shower, the door was open release the hot steams.

Rose came out with a white tank top and a pair of black skinny pants. Jack could see in the room and seeing Rose. Jack went red slightly as she overlooked herself. She brushed her air up and let it flow by her shoulders. Jack looked up at her face to see her eyes met with his and quickly winked at him.

Jack instantly looked away and she came out of the bathroom turning off the light. She walked towards the kitchen where Jack was sitting. Jack laid back down but found his light was blocked.

Cracking an eye open to see two eyes star into him, following a smile and slightly white fangs exposing.
“Yes, Rose,” Jack asks.
“Hey cutie, did I look good?” She asked as her fingers beside him tapped in rhythm.
“Uh…..yea….” Jack replied blushing red smiling.
“It’s okay if I catch you staring at me naked,” Rose said lift her fingers to her lips and opening them slightly then proceeding to her neck and swallowing.

Jack gulped swallowed slowly and nodded understanding her.
“Good, now I got a text from Zoey she won’t be coming home as her friend is in hospital,” She said.

Rose stood up and grabbed a bowl out of the drawers beside the sink. Placing it on the kitchen bench near Jack. Jack flinched. Jack watched her grab a tub of ice cream out of the freezer and a bottle of strawberry topping from the fridge.

Rose smiled and scooped out 2 nice round balls of plain vanilla ice cream, following with strawberry topping. Jack watched the toping go everywhere. Rose placed everything back in the freezer and fridge. Picking up the bowl in her left hand and placing her right hand on the bench.

Jack smiled and crawled into her hand, sitting firmly watching the bench move up and level with her bowl of ice cream. Rose headed upstairs and into her room. She gently laid down on her bed in an upright position. Rose let Jack slide off hand onto the bed, she place the ice cream bowl on her stomach. Rose got straight into her ice cream.

Jack wandered around the bed looking around her room, going right to the end of the bed he could see pics of Rose and Zoey when they were little. Jack noticed a pic hidden behind a pillar that held old cards on her desk. Jack looked back at Rose to see her on her phone and too fixated on her ice cream.

Jack scavenged down the bed frame and went to the desk leg, looking up for a possible way to get to the desktop. Jack walked around the back to power cords leading up. Jack wrapped one leg around one cable and started to hoist himself up. After pulls and lifting he finally makes it to the desktop.

Jack walked around looking at the photos then seeing the photo hidden, he looked back at Rose seeing she had finished her ice cream but was smiling at something on her phone, probably her friends texting her something stupid.

Jack grabbed a hold of the hidden pic. It looked old and tired to be gentle. Pulling it out and letting it fall onto the desk. Jack standing back to see Rose and a Neera cupped in her hand. Jack looked at Rose, she looked to be only age 16.

Jack turned around to see Rose looking up and at Jack. She placed her phone down. Getting up and then sitting down in her desk chair. Rose looked at Jack then the pic.

Rose picked up the pic seeing the little neera. Rose's eyes started to tear up.
“Rose what’s wrong,” Jack asks running the edge of the desk.

Rose cried softly putting her face down on the desk. She felt Jack's touch on her cheek. She slowly stopped sobbing and kissed him. Jack hugged her, he felt her lift up and her lips came closer. Jack thought she was going to eat him but just kissed him instead. Jack blushed but asked again.

“Rose….what’s…..wrong,” He asks.
Rose wiped her tears away and picked it up and looked up at the pic.

“This is Adam, he was 16 same age as me back in school, I found him in my class scared out of his mind. He had nowhere to go so kept him. “Rose paused. Jack could see her eyes were starting to tear up again.

“He…was my little companion you know” She sniffed but continued. “ He is the reason why I can control my urges so well, after two years of being friends I wanted him to help me overcome and control my urges,” Rose said.

“Didn’t you say only urges come once you turn 20?” Jack asked confused.

“Yes but for some reason mine came early, anyway I told him it was too dangerous but he couldn’t talk so we went along with it but when I turned 19 he been with me ever since age 16” Rose spoke.

“At age 19, he pointed to a love heart I had drawn in my room and thought he must love me and I pointed to it too as I did love him. All his life he stood in front of me squeaking when I had my urge but controlled it but that one night I couldn’t control myself, I killed him brutally, my eyes changed a different color which changed the whole game around”

Rose closed her eyes and went into a flashback


Rose recently just finished her urge lesson but started to shiver and shake, Adam, noticing.
Adam Squeaked louder and ran towards her but stopped as he watched her eyes turn from red to a very dark blue, normally when the urge turns on their eyes are yellow.

Adam quickly looked up at the board above him finding her eye's colors and what they meant, then he saw yellow is the beginning of the urge, dark blue is the end. Adam shivered. He’s never been with Rose with dark blues. Adam could read but never spoke only squeaked.

Adam walked backward slowly. Adam squeaked loudly but Rose simply ignored his squeaks and licked her lips exposing her fangs. Adam knew he had to run but he loved her but he was out of options.

Adam started to sprint off the bed but her hand strikes down pinning him down more forcedly than they did when she had yellow eyes. Rose lifted Adam up to her maw, she parted her jaws and not saying a word.

Adam squeaked loudly and crying as she opened her maw wide showing Adam her giant fangs that glistened with saliva as her giant red tongue coated them. Adam sobbed but was no use. Rose dropped him in and quickly closing her lips behind him.

Adam hoped she would just swallow but she had other plans. Adam tried to escape but was pushed towards her fangs, she parted her fangs and placed him between them.
Adam didn’t even squeak.

On the outside, Rose happily purred as the sound of crushing bones could be heard and drips of blood slowly oozed out of her maw.
After a couple of minutes, she eventually swallowed Adam's mangled body. Her eyes turned back to normal. She felt normal, but a taste she purred at then felt her lips were covered in blood.

“Adam” she screamed looking around her room. Rose closed her eyes and cried herself to sleep.


“I’m sorry Rose,” Jack said and climbing up her arm to her face, gently hugging and grasping into her furry cheek.
“Thanks, Jack, you’ll be with Zoey tomorrow” Rose replied.
“Thanks, Rose” Jack said smiling as she stood up and cupped her hands around him, she turned off all the lights and got snugged into bed.

Jack signed with relief as he cuddled into Rose's furry cheek for warmth. Rose giggled as he got comfortable but slowly dozed off. Jack closed his eyes knowing he had a few things to look out for with Zoey plus that he’ll have her every step of the way.
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