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It is a good practice nowadays to check your online banking statement transactions daily
It was just another pay day posting when I got on the computer this month. Yes, as I have monthly bills to pay along with medical bills too added. But, as I looked at my more recent transactions there was one that was unfamiliar that stood out. It was a recent transaction that I did not make myself. I further investigated it to find a case of fraud and myself a victim of crime.

Be on the look-out for new people that you deal with now, sticking to the same persons you know and trust. Keep your personal and business contacts that you know--yet they may go an awry situation also. Acts of crime have gone up in my community. Has everyone gone crazy all at the same time?

When people act crazy with both words and actions stay away from them--it is not your problem but theirs. Don't let them put it on you. For they have problems and see your misfortune and their gain. And, the police see this again and again and make reports. They cautioned me to not let them in my apartment for they operate criminally. They want to impersonate me and be me. But, what will become of me?

I don't want to be another victim of crime when I can. The criminals that I know are not charity cases. I can't lose my identity to them

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