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by Enoch
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A Very Good Boy
When I met my wife she had a little dachshund. She had warned me before I met him, ” now he doesn't like many people and he doesn't like men at all, so don't be disappointed if it takes awhile for him to warm up to you.”
The first time she brought him over, she stepped inside, sat him down on the floor, he came over slowly, smelled me and jumped up into my lap and curled up. She was in shock.
She said, “ I can't believe it! He doesn't like anybody.” I told her my granddad always said, ” one dog likes another.” She laughed and came over to the couch and sat down beside us.
As she sat down he moved in between us. At first I thought he was going to sit in her lap. But then he stopped and lay between us with his back up against me and his legs stretched out against her like he was pushing her away.
We both laughed and she said, “well you little traitor.” That was the first time I met Toby. He was a fun little dog. He did everything with us after that. She always brought him along.
I loved that little dog.
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