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...a letter from Rockyweaver sharing his missed chances with Emmy and his deep desires
Hello to all of you.

Thank you for the responds to my story about my cousin Julia. I really appreciated reading it and it still keeps me wondering how many of you have experienced similar things. There have been some messages by people who told me their own stories and tried to explain the way they got into that fetish. Today I would like to convey the story from a guy who asked me to share it with you. He called himself Rockyweaver and here are his words:

Hello LumaLuma90,

first, I’d like to thank you for posting such interesting story about the way you discovered your fart fetish through your female cousin. I know there are lots of people outside judging it as disgusting. But I have a fart fetish too. I love the imagination of hearing and sniffing a good flatulence coming out of a girl. I’ve never talked about it before. Maybe because I feel a little embarrassed sharing my true emotions or maybe I don’t know if it made any sense to tell anyone. But I also feel an urge to tell you my story and what brought me this special fetish.

My name is Rockyweaver. I come from Umeå, a relatively big city in Sweden. As you can guess, we deeply enjoy every summer, because it’s the only time in year when we can meet outside around with friends and good schoolmates. Even as a kid I was mostly allowed to stay outside with my friends until late evening. I was very happy that some of my good mates were from school. And there was someone I spent a lot of time with. Her name was Emmy Wahlström. She went in the same class as me.

I first met Emmy around 2010. Her dark-blonde hair was short cut. She had blue-grey eyes and her body was blissful with a smooth bubble butt. Well, you can guess in such a class of pupils there were several groups of people depending on their interests. And you may also guess that those interests might have differed from time to time and so, those groups changed respectively. Whenever I offered my personal interests into a respective group, Emmy was also there. At that time, I was keen on many different things and hobbies. Therefore, Emmy seemed to be perfect, because she was also into almost everything I loved. Whenever I needed an “expert” to discuss interesting things, I hoped her to be around, because I was expecting all the time that she might understand my opinion, which she did. Every morning when school started, we arrived around the same time, although we didn’t take the same bus. Hence, every time, I woke up in the morning, I asked myself, which one of us would arrive earlier and who would join later, even if it were just for a few seconds. I remember one morning when my bus was to be failing, because of a huge snowdrift, my dad had to drive me to school. Consequently, I arrived around thirty minutes earlier than usual. Because I had to wait until my other schoolmates were arriving, it was the first time I felt like a “lonely man” in school. When I realized the other schoolmates were coming with their busses, my heart started beating faster and then I went to our wardrobe. Not surprisingly though, I saw Emmy rushing in, what gave me a fright through my heart. I felt tense and happy at the same time that she was finally there. It was the first time that reality shook me. It showed me a merciless fact that I had fallen in love with Emmy since a long time. But I hadn’t known it before, until to that moment when I saw her coming into wardrobe. From that moment on, I started missing her, even if she was just a few steps away from me. I truly felt in heaven when she came to me and really got sad when she went somewhere else. Whenever she talked to me directly and expected me to look into her face, I felt a rush of blood through my heart. Around that time, I didn’t know, but I got addicted to the certainty that we both kept on going in the same class for the upcoming years.

Around spring or autumn in 2013 our class went to a football match. As usual both Emmy and I sat next to each other. Some of the boys from my class were fooling that day. You have to imagine a group of pupils making fun of the opposite team and several players while sitting in the crowd. One moment a classmate tried to imitate a player’s foul and we both were wrestling a bit. He won and so, I had my head behind Emmy's seat. She wore stretchy pants while sitting on her knees. The boy I was wrestling with ordered me to imitate a player who was diving and kept on laying until the referee would come. Suddenly, Emmy said, “I have to fart right now.” Instead of going somewhere else or switching her butt into a different direction, probably out of convenience, she kept on sitting on her knees the way she had been sitting before and released a long flappy bubbly fart. It sounded like many tiny pops converted into a huge fart which took one second. It seemed that it was accelerated by her knees or the hard ground she sat on. Because the match went on, nobody seemed to notice it, even it was loud and clear. Emmy obviously knew my head was close to her butt and so, she only said in a cool and serene way, “Oh, I’ve never farted on anyone before.” Hearing the word “Fart” out of her mouth and knowing her forthrightly ripping a probably liberating gas-bubble gave me an instant erection which I could not break free from. My eyes were focused on the area of her pants which were filled out by her round butt and the contours of her underpants. Because the weather was a bit windy that day, I couldn’t even get a whiff from Emmy’s fart. From that moment on when she unknowingly presented that part of her behavior to me, I became madly fixed on her butt. I got insane while thinking about the way she sat in class, the way she moved her body by walking, running and in physical education lessons.

About three months later during a night while unsuccessfully trying to sleep, my feelings ran away with me which led me unloading my arousal through masturbating for the first time, while thinking of my schoolmate and best friend Emmy. In my mind there was a movie in which Emmy sat on my face and let out every bubble of gas she was up to release. Thinking of her pure fart aroma which I had never experienced made me a night-time wanker. Whenever I had my jacking off sessions, I forced myself into desiring her full body and her face, which from then on became the most beautiful for me. Every day I tried to analyze her behavior towards me. Every word and every smile she gave to me, made me asking if she could have any feelings for me. I never directly spoke to her about anything she deeply moved inside my mind. Some months later there was a situation when our school class was on a hike. Both me and Emmy were pretty fast walkers so after a while, we both waited for the others who were behind us. It was a funny situation and therefore, we both laughed in the same mood which made me give me a slight hint that she could have had a crush on me as well. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. But I didn’t have the heart to find a way into the truth by talking to her in a straight way.

Eight years ago, she went to Norway to another college. As time went by, I kept on thinking about her over again. The more time went by the more I realized my missed chances thanks to my cowardice. It has made me sad that I can’t talk to her the way I did when we were in the same class. If she were still open to me the way when we were schoolfriends, I’m sure that I would find a way to tell her about what she has been meaning to me since I got to know her. My world consists on the one hand of missing her like nothing else that it makes my body hurt as well as cramp – and on the other hand of my hopeless masturbating moments when I imagine every little part of Emmy's personality and body, especially her farts.

Maybe you can guess how much I would look forward to meet her again, no matter how and when. It’s the only true desire I’ve had in my life since she went away.

Nevertheless, thank you for taking the time reading my story.

Best greetings.

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