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by Ridzee
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Drama · #2254049
Episode 5 Novel
At the Police Station, "What is your name? "The police officer asked the boy. "My....my name is Shin Myung Wook. Shaking voice. He is shaking in fear like he is sitting on an iceberg. The police already took his cell phone in the car.

Myung Wook continuously requesting the officer to let him go. He continuously says that he did not do anything wrong, but the officer already called his father. "Sir, please listen to me." Despondently said. "Sorry, young man, we cannot do anything because this case is now under the hand of the Head Police Officer. And you are in the police station we cannot let you without your guardian. " Said and Tapped on the boy's shoulder.

The telephone bell rings at Kim Jae-In's house. Mrs. Park Bo-Young picked up the phone. It is a call from the police station. "Hello, It is Mr. Kim Hae Won's house, I am Officer Cha Seong Min from Busan Police Station. Can I talk to Mr. Kim Hae Won? ” The Officer said. "I am his wife. What happened officer? “Her tension increased after receiving a phone call from the police station. " You should have come to the police station." The officer requested. "Okay." Mrs. Park Bo young immediately cut the phone and called her husband. Mr. Kim Hae Won came back and asked what happened. Mrs. Park Bo Young told him everything and they both left for the Police Station.

At the Police Station, Kim Jae In sitting in front of the police officer. The officer continued questioning, but she is not answering and just rubbing her hands, because she is so scared and thinking about what will happen to her, and somehow she is feeling guilty for the boy since he did not harass her. Whenever she looked at the boy her guilt becomes heavier. But still, she is confessing.

The boy is also sitting in front of the police officer at the next desk. "What is your name?" The police officer asked. "My.... my name is Shin Myung Wook." So much hesitated to answer the officer. "Okay, Mr. Shin Myung Wook please explain yourself." Said the officer. "Sir, actually I was searching for my lost pen and I met that girl. I did not even know her name...." Shin Myung Wook explained everything to the officer that had happened on the beach. The police officer speculated that the boy is telling true but he cannot do anything until the girl speaks.

"I know, that you know I am innocent but you still force me to sit here. Please let me go I am begging you." Shin Myung Wook stood up and said. But the office repeats himself and refused. "Today is the last day of my life. My father will definitely kill me." Said with a frown and sat back on the chair.

Kim Jae In's parents arrived at the Police Station. Mr. Kim Hae Won directly reached the senior officer's cabin. "Where is my daughter? Why did you take her here?" Asked the officer. One of the officers stopped him and take him to the desk where Kim Jae In is sitting. "Jae In, are you okay?" Concerned. Mr. Kim Hae Won grabbed his daughter's hand and pulled her from the chair. "Why are you here? What happened? I searched for you everywhere. Your mom called all your friends but no one knew, where Jae In is? How can be you so irresponsible dear?"

"Honey, please calm down, do not you see she is already so frightened" Mrs. Park Bo Young calm down her husband. Meanwhile, the officer interfered between their conversation. "Who are you?" The police officer asked. "I am her father Kim Hae Won. What is my daughter doing in the police station?" Mr. Kim Hae Won answered as well questioned back. "Actually we found your daughter on the beach. She was fighting with a boy, locals told us that the boy was harassing her but, when we asked, she did not answer and until now she is still silent. I think she is afraid or nervous to talk with us. You can ask your daughter maybe she will listen to you and tell us what happened there.

Mrs. Park Bo Young takes her daughter to the corner "What is the problem why you are silent not saying anything about the incident to the officers?" Asked. Kim Jae In is still silent but after few seconds she goes back to the police officer. "I am sorry. This boy was bothering me so I hit him but he pushed me first. He did not harass me." Said.

"I told you, I did not do anything wrong with her, she was lying." Suddenly Shin Myung Wook stood up and shouted. "Calm down young man, this is a police station you cannot do this here." The police officer calmed down him. Shin Myung Wook glared at Kim Jae In. "I am feeling so guilty but I did not know that things will have complicated like this. I apologize for my behavior."

"You should say sorry to me. I am the victim who was actually harassed by you." Shin Myung Wook pointed his finger at Kim Jae In and aggressively yelled. "He is saying right young girl you created a problem for everyone and you also made your parents so worried." The police officer. "Sorry." Kim Jae In said in a mild voice. "You can take your daughter with you." The officer permits Kim Jae In's father. "Can I go?" Shin Myung Wook eagerly asked them. "No, not you." The officer replied. "But why?" Desolated and disheartened.

While Shin Myung Wook arguing with the office his father entered, he already saw his son, and he directly approached the police officer. "Hello, I am Shin Jong Suk, Shin Myung Wook's father. Why did you call me? And what is my son doing here?" Mr. Shin Jong Wook asked. After seeing his father Shin Myung Wook completely doomed. The police officer explained everything to Mr. Shin Jong Suk and asked him to take his son with him. "Okay, officer. Let's go Myung Wook." In cold voice.

In the car, Shin Myung Wook trying to apologize. "I think, I did a huge mistake to called you here." Mr. Shin Jong Suk said with frustrated expressions. "I am sorry father. I did not want to hurt you." Disconsolate. "You are going back to Canada because I do not want any trouble caused by you in the future." indignant. "Please father let me live here with you for some days after that I will go back." His eyes filled with tears. "Yesterday you came here and today you were about to go to jail. I do not want to take more risks. I am going to book your ticket." Mr. Shin Jong Suk glared at him and said. "Please, give me the last chance I promise this will never happen again." Begged and cried.

Mr. Shin Jong Suk agreed and warned him if he wants to stay with him he should be careful with his action. When everything gets starting normal Shin Myung Wook takes out the pen from his pocket "Father, this is for...." Said "I have to go somewhere so, do not wait for me. Your dinner is on the table just eat and sleep after that." Mr. Shin Jong Suk interrupted and said. "We reached?" Shin Myung Wook surprisingly asked. "Yes, we are almost there." After listening to his father Shin Myung Wook completely understood that his father has no concern for his son, he put back the pen in his pocket and dropped out of the car. Mr. Shin Jong Suk left him in front of the house. Shin Myung Wook sadly looking at the car and in few seconds the car disappears from his sight.

"Jae In, we reached home. Come on get off." Mrs. Park Bo Young knocked at the back seat's window of the car and said. Kim Jae In gets off but she stands at the door. "This is my house but, I am feeling so strange. Is the house is strange? Or this house has made me a stranger?" Thinking in her mind. "I do not want to go inside of this house." Declined. "But why?" Her parents asked in shock. "I am going to Eun Bi's house and tonight I will sleep there. Tomorrow I am going to start searching for a hostel room and will live there." Kim Jae In said and turned toward the road.
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