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No one can answer this question correctly. See if you can before you read this. Be Honest.
         Now I like hot dogs just as much as the next guy. Especially on the outdoor grill topped with mustard and ketchup on a fresh bun. Normally at the most I can eat maybe 4 on a good day. On July 4th I watched defending world champion Joey Chestnut break his own world record by devouring 76 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes during Nathan's Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest. This was the 14th time Joey Chestnut won the title in the last 15 years eating 26 more hot dogs than second place finisher.

         During this big television event I decided to have a little contest of my own. So I mass emailed one simple question out to a carefully selected 68 people. That question simply was - How many Vienna Sausages are in a can? The correct answer is seven. People had all kinds of crazy answers between 5 and 48 sausages. The answers were all very shocking, and out of the 42 people and one dog who responded only about 14 people were correct. That's only a mere 33% of the people surveyed knew the correct answer. I didn't give a correct answer to those people responding with multiple numbers or to those people who admitted to Googling the answer. You think people would know more about what they eat and put in their mouths. Here are all of results.

1) Walter answered 6
2) Bean answered 5, who then Googled the correct answer.
3) Sylvia answered 7
4) Jenell answered 6, who doesn't understand how an odd number of sausages can be divided into equal servings without cutting a sausage in half.
5) Christine answered 8, and she once had a can with the middle sausage missing. She felt cheated.
6) Teresa answered 7, and her son Ethan once had a can with 8 sausages crammed int it. Maybe that is where Christine's missing sausage went.
7) Warren answered 8
8) Lester answered 7 or 8
9) Danielle was to tired to answer, and wanted to text about other things.
10) Rosemary answered 8, but said that she second guessed herself.
11) Danielle L. answered 7 or 8
12) Fern answered 6, and was upset that she was off by one sausage
13) Ben answered 8
14) Jesse answered 7 in a small can.
15) Theo answered 7 Lol
16) Melissa answered 7, and said that she ate too many as a kid.
17) Kimberley answered 7
18) Shakirah answered 7 she thinks.
19) Dianna answered 7
20) Reese answered 6
21) Cody answered 9 as he cooked steak, shrimp and chicken on an outdoor grill.
22) Dawn answered 7
23) Julia answered 7
24) Dan wouldn't know he never had any. I recommended that he try them, that they are good.
25) Derrick said who knows, so I told him the answer 7
26) Bob answered 7, 6 on the outside and one in the middle.
27) Landon answered 7
28) Iddy Biddy said IDK
29) Benji answered 6
30) Shannon answered 6, but had to explain her answer to me in the parking lot at work.
31) John answered 48.
32) Randy answered 8
33) Jack said that he had no idea.
34) Noland answered 7, but later admitted to Googling the answer.
35) Daniel answered 8 per can.
36) Chris answered 6 or 7.
37) Chris D. answered 7.
38) Skyler answered 7, and doesn't understand why people think that they can fit more sausages into that little can.
39) Martha answered 10.
40) Devin answered 7, and said that he eats them all the time and that there was no way he could get that answer wrong.
41) Bill answered 6, and he eats them everyday for lunch.
42) Nikki answered 6.
43) Our dog Henry couldn't answer, but he loves eating Vienna sausages.

         Now it's your turn, Answer in the review section, and give the honest answer that was in your head before you started to read this.

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