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You never know what the sunset will bring.
A molten lava sunset
where the bubbling clouds boiled
into fire and the sky behind it
burnished into gold.

One by one
stars came out to play
teasing us with scattered wishes
as the lake calmed

into a mirror reflecting
the heavens above.
There were many supplicants
lining the shore

but voices stilled
and a hush -- shattered
as tree frogs burst into
a chorus for the gods.

Deep dark now enclosed
around us like the shawl
wrapped around my shoulders.
Still, for some reason

we stay at lake's edge
taking in the night,
breathing in the essence of stars.
His hand envelops mine.

The dipper overflowed
and yet--no gods cried
over the spilt milky way
of stars.

One by two by three
people wended their way
home to campfires or inside
to muse over

nature's fireworks, wanting
and yet failing to find the lyrics
to accompany tonight's
symphony of stars.
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