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Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2254593
The Lord is my shield
My Shield

My knight, to whom I turn
In all things that shadow concern
My champion of golden grace
Fears sublet to calming place
My gallant horseman, of quiet rapture
To carry me through troubled pastures
My noble gentry, a guiding torch
Granter of strength and tranquil source
My thunderous steed, all truth and reason
Embracing love through every season
My stalwart disciple, of untold blessings
Uplifting my heart with unending presence
My protector against all evil and harm
Staunch beacon my steerage through the storm
My glorious God, of majestic artistry
Surrounding beauty that sets me free
My guard, my aegis, my shield
To whom my storm-filled soul I yield

Author by:Lori Grawitch
Prompt: Faith as my Shield
Line Count:18
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