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Dear Friend,

What is your life like in your eyes? Are the people around you a pleasure you look forward to everyday? Is every task a bother, instead of a challenge? How do you face life every day? These questions shape the attitude that you present to the world and are what you should be asking yourself if you want to create a positive life.

A good positive attitude will help you have a more successful life and more successful relationships. I have two books published and my own online business because of my positive attitude. You know what? Good attitudes don’t mean going around with a constant smile and driving everyone crazy with conversations about sunshine and rainbows. No. A good attitude is about knowing what is in your life and accepting that you can have more if you are willing to work at it and adopt a “nothing is impossible” type of attitude. I have realized that I was capable of a lot more than I thought when I changed my attitude toward life and my dreams. If you learn to see your plans as something that can be accomplished things will start happening a bit differently for you, usually in a positive way. I am not saying that you won’t fail at times because everyone does. If you have a positive attitude the fall won't be as hard.

The way you wake up and start the day sets the tone for your day. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I think that’s true. Have what fills you up but doesn’t make you sluggish, I have six things that I have for breakfast, and I alternate. There are more than a few bagels in there. If you were always used to having a big breakfast but feel sluggish afterwards, maybe it’s time to think of having a lighter breakfast, or the opposite could be what is happening. Give your body what it needs wake up and get going. My main meal is supper, not breakfast, because I do feel that a large breakfast weighs me down. I have come up with morning meals that get me going and keep my energy levels up all through the day.

Waking up to a fresh day is important. During the day finish what you start so that it is not looming when you start to tackle the next day. When you can start fresh every morning and not have to worry about what’s not done, it helps you keep looking forward. If you do have a long term project, finish a part of it everyday and start the next day looking forward to a new step. Those of us that have our own businesses and employees will find delegating a great help here.

I wake up every morning and pray. I welcome God into my life and ask Him for His help during the day. You may not be religious but you can use yoga or some other type of exercise or meditation to fill your mind with calm. In fact, just starting your day with an exercise routine, for the sake of just staying in shape can put you in a good frame of mind.

You have to decide that it will be a good day. Clear out the cobwebs and just tell yourself that it is a good day, and you want to enjoy everything it holds.

Your night before can even be a good start. Just like a good night’s sleep is the most important item in any lady’s makeup case, a good night’s sleep is probably the most important part of starting your day off on the positive side. Get enough sleep. I like at least seven hours, but you might be different. Listen to what you body tells you and decide accordingly.

Now, you’ve gotten up and started on a positive day. Good luck with it.


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