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by Elfin
Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #2254859
For my husband - because he is.
The moment of conception
the gods beamed
and foresaw
what you would become.
The trumpets erupted with joy
and the gods deigned
to give you divine gifts.

Within your sky-blue eyes
they built a temple of granite
that you should withstand the storm.

Within your beating heart
they gave you the gift of music
to keep up with the drumming of your heart.

Within your fingers
they gave you the dexterity
to mold steel with fire.

They knew you'd travel
unknown roads,
never knowing
the spring from which
you sprung and still, they knew
what a gift you would be
and bring to others.

Even the gods wanted to hurry time
just to see for themselves
that you would fulfill their divination
but not even they had such power.
Still, they have seen the lives you've touched,
those ones you created
and celebrate a job well done.

They gifted you with humility
for even now you have no concept
of how rare and special a mortal you be.

Unto you, they granted the gift
of determination, of giving your all
in whatever you choose to do.

Then, they carried you through deep forests,
across waves of ripening wheat
showering you with the waters from mountain streams

that you would carry their essence within you,
to guide you when you lost your path
in the undergrowth of life.

The gods saw in you more
than you will ever know,
even though we see
what the gods wrought that day.
Then, they gave you two people
who took those gifts and strengthened
them into the who you are.

Parents of the heart
raised you strong and true.
They taught you balance
and the meanings of love.
They gifted you with ethics
that never shied from hard work,
or getting your hands dirty.

The gods must have smiled on me as well.
They gave me a pure treasure.
They made me work for it else I might
never have appreciated the depth of the gift.
I do, beyond measure.
Sometimes, I feel so very small against
the galaxy of possibilities that brought me you.

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