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by Elfin
Rated: E · Poetry · Biographical · #2254892
Each of us is but a thread

One Thread

for a moment
about your life.
Seriously, think about that
and all the people you interact with
or have interacted with in all ways whether
those ways be little or immense.

A kind word to a stressed person
who has had a terrible day; it may make
them smile and then, that moment
parleys itself forward when they hold a door
for someone whose hands are full.
That person smiles in thanks and then,
and then and, and then.

We are interconnected
to strangers we've never ever seen.
We are held together, tightly woven,
even though our threads are differing hues,
even though our paths may only converge

Yet, converge they did.
A small kindness gathers strength
as it spreads itself in so many directions.
Imagine that the next stranger
you see has been touched by you
seven times removed. It could
and probably has happened even though
we will never know for sure.

Each of us
is a thread
in a quilt
that covers the
our entire world.

And each of us could also be
that one immeasurable thread
that when cut or pulled or tugged
could make the whole thing

Be the strong thread.
Perhaps one that holds the button
that connects us. Perhaps
one in a flag or a blanket
wrapped around a shivering child.
Maybe, one supporting a medal
or one that is someone's last.
It could be worn by someone offering
much-needed encouragement
or part of ragged jacket on a homeless soul.

We are threads. Our words, our movements,
our songs and our tears are all part of that same quilt
that is comprised of innumerable threads and stitches.

Be a thread that holds things together.
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