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There are things that I wish that I could wrap my head around...
It has been the last 6 months since Joe Biden has become President; however, Donald Trump never stopped bragging about how the election was "rigged" when she should deal with the fact that he lost. What in the world is wrong with this man?
I just cannot wrap my head around the fact why Trump keeps inflating his ego; I also cannot wrap my head around why Trump would ignore the cries and needs of the American people when they need his help last year when he only cared about fearing that he could lose re-election. And why did he not care about us but only himself?
Meanwhile, while we are so grateful that Joe Biden has become President, there have been things that have made Biden's time as President challenging so far: First, one of Trump's cronies, Mitch McConnell, said that he was "%100" focused on ending the Biden administration. Oh, so that you can put your royal king, Donald Trump, back in the White House?! And what is this about Trump being "reinstated" as President by August?! Does Mitch live in a fantasy world or something?!

I feel bad for Joe Biden for having his job becoming so difficult by those cronies of Trump; and yes, being President is hard, and I know that he is going to need some encouragement and prayers in the long run if he is going to continue serving us in such a difficult time as this. Biden is a good President, and so very much better than Trump.
We all know that there's going to be a long and winding road ahead; and the best way to make a hard road easier is by prayer; prayer for our President, prayer for an end to this pandemic. And do you want to know something else? Let's all pray for a better life.
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