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Titan Goddess of memory, mother of the Muses
Mnemosyne daughter of the sky and the earth
Mother of the muses, each one an inspiration
Titan and Goddess, the very embodiment of Memory
It is most fitting that we should remember you with fondness

Mighty Mnemosyne, who gifts each of us our past
For though we live in eternal now
Without our pasts we would have no self
It is only by your blessing that we exist at all

We are thus armed against our uncertain futures
For our remembrance allows imperfect prediction
We recall what may profit us, and what may do us harm
Who is our friend, and the enmity of those who wish us ill

With your gift we gain our calendars
Mark the turn of the earth about the sun
Every phase of the moon as it graces the night sky
When to plant, when to harvest, when to slaughter each in turn

With your gift we gain stories, myths and teachings
Tales of our ancestors in rich and powerful narratives
Heroes and obstacles, and how they might be overcome
Freed from the flickering fear of perpetual novelty

The very words I write are your gift most marvellous Goddess
Without memory, they would be mere scratches
You grant us meaning and context, language and life
Mnemosyne, my thanks seem inadequate, but I offer them anyway.
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