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Rated: E · Poetry · Romance/Love · #2255056
PPC Week #7
Memories fade as life progresses
yet some remain as crisp and detailed
as when they first took place.

Like that first time we really looked
deeply into each other's eyes.

Your eyes were so blue
endless as the sky and deep as the ocean
so intense that the rest of the world
just disappeared
and your soul shone out
like the sun in the sky of your eyes
and I fell in love forever.

And I remember those eyes
as you held our newborn baby girl
proudly gleaming with tears
yet unsure of the future for our little family
and I fell in love with you all over again.

And I also remember the pain
and the worry those eyes held
the helplessness you tried to hide
when you visited me in the hospital
every time death tried to take me from you
so I fought harder to remain
using our love as my strength
and my tether to life and to you.

Written For: "Promptly Poetry Challenge Week #7 - 7/19
Prompt: Make the title of your poem "What I Remember" and then let the title inspire you. Line count minimum: 12, no max Feel free to use any form you like
Line Count: 25
Form: Free Verse

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