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The mentality of my life.
In my life of mystery and yearning, I thought life was great at every turning
I reach for the stars and climb the high mountains, talk to the Gods and bathe in their fountains
I crawl the universe on hand and foot, talk to the seers and offer them fruit
There is a shadow that follows me, blended in deepness like roots of a tree.

I often wonder why I'm really here, my life seems so empty and in a low gear
But these are just thoughts from when I was a youngster, life is now different, I'm older and wiser
Even today I still reach for the stars, life's about freedom, it should be all ours
I'm not scared of dying or being depressed, my life is a game and I need no rest.

So if you wonder why you're really here, just speak to wind and shed a tear
Come to me now and release your fears, I have always been searching for too many years
In youth I was free but chained to a mast, this contrasting being was built to last
I will struggle on freely the best I can, cursed at birth for I'm just a man.
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