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Science as poetry
Compressed. Infinite, crushing, incomprehensible compression.
Dimensionless dawning, of all dimensions.
Pressure and density were immensely unmeasured,
And profoundly, undeniably, unmeasurable.
There were no meaningful parameters;
No context in which it could have been achieved.
The Singularity,
Gravid with infinite possibilities,
All that was possible,
Every possibility.

The primordial, proto-possibility
Proceeding from which,
Naturally, was all else.
Primaeval omni-potential:
Humungous expansion.
Homogeneous expansion,
Uniformly created potential,
A very high energy density.
Isotropic expansion, undirected.
In every direction, expansion.
Uniformly, created every direction.
Potent power, unbounded, and unhindered.
Expending, and cooling.

Symmetry is shattered.
Infinitesimally small fluctuations of density
At this critical point in the birth,
A phase transition, A bifurcation,
Creating history, paths chosen or declined.
And again, bifurcation,
Transitionally creating imbalance, adding emphasis.
Inflation yields to returning, rising heat
Creation on a vast scale, at a subatomic scale
Proto-particles, elementary, rudimentary,
The quarks, electrons, muons, neutrinos, and tau,
Cavorting, collided, in the frenzied dance of
Random creation, and nemesistic destruction.

Heavy, composite and considered conserved,
Suddenly, somehow, subverted,
Baryogenesis hypothetically created imbalance.
More matter, more matter.
An asymmetrical ascendence of matter.
A minor matter of excess matter, over anti-matter.
Though still, subatomic matter.
Continued cooling, caused creation to cease,
Temperature tumbling, to a tepid billion
Subsequently, serving to stimulate a series of
Mass annihilations, setting the stage for nucleosynthesis.

Early elements now entered existence.
Noble Helium, with Lithium and Beryllium in attendance,
And heavy hydrogen in its deuterium,
First and foremost in its Greek second,
Surging past the bottleneck.
Isotopically varied in number of neutrons
A weighty matter, of the instability of matter,
Collapsing, decaying, radiation ruling.
Whilst a plethora of protons persist, patiently
Awaiting their marriage to an eminently eligible electron.
In a few hundred thousand years, as measured by the orbit,
Of a planet that does not yet exist, around a sun,
That does not yet exist, they will find their perfect partner.
Producing Hydrogen atoms, in profusion.
Decoupled, the cosmic radiation roams, microwave in the background.

Perturbations over a period promulgated their presence,
Some slight overdensities of matter, generate enough gravity,
To gather together, a greater aggregate of matter,
More matter. More matter. Pulling matter to matter.
Density is the key, to greater density, thanks to gravity.
As photons splatter into matter, their percussion produces pressure.
Pressure pushing, pressing outwards,
Conflicting and counteracting forces,
Creating oscillations, outwards from the overdensity.
Baryon acoustic oscillations, the meter signature of matter.
Spherical cosmic waves, sweeping the sound horizon.
Directionally dependent density, anisotropic space ripples,
Interlace, interweave, interfere and interact,
Like so many raindrops splashing into the puddle of creation.

Star Birth  (E)
Creation of new stars, a continuation of the Big Bang
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