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A fifteen day ordeal, and life won
Story of my sweet Bulbul couple:-

In front of my house is a big flowering tree. House of many beautiful birds.
A Bulbul couple also live on it.

At 3 o'clock in the morning one of them daily sings in a very sweet melodious voice, draws my attention as if giving me alarm to tell ,wake up its morning now😄
I always see admiring them dancing in my porch.

Few days back the couple made a beautiful cup shaped nest on a thick ficus plant in a front planter. I saw both taking care of eggs and were very watchful. I instructed my neighbor not to let the Gardner clean the planter to save the nest.
I was very vigilant.
I saw chicks grew up and now mother and father turn by turn feeding them. They were now very vigilant. One at a time was keeping an eye sitting on the tree.
I became so sensitive now of their sound that almost getting to know what worrying them and what they are saying. I could make out by frantic calling of them that there is some danger. Then I used to rush out and notice either there was a cat near the nest or the crow.

I used to get worried. Protecting the nest was now as if my duty. I started cautioning the drivers or cleaners working nearby to shoo the cat.
Every now and then a frantic chirping of bulbuls kept me alert to come out and check the miscreant. After that they too as if started complaining me after seeing me, by flying around me.

During this observation I saw how angrily both of them hover over the crow, and hit him fiercely. Such a tiny bird and so furious to even take front from violent crow for the safety of their love ones was overwhelming.
How struggling is, to exist!
I thought, everything is the eater of something other and this way every creature is fighting to live. How interdependence is in this system of creation!!
This way God engages even a little creature into the play of survival.
Now, due to little chiks most of the day my bulbuls were not singing, either feeding their chiks or chirping in restlessness to protect their chicks, except only once at the bhrahm muhurat.
Fourteen days past this way.

Today I saw neither there were any singing in the morning or chirping. I got scared. But to my surprise I saw nest was empty. I sadly sat in my bedroom (having a balcony facing a park). Sudden chirping alerted me and I saw from my balcony some bulbuls flying happily tree to tree.
I couldn't recognise. Suddenly the couple came flying and sat on the grill of my balcony. They were saying something in their chirping. I came out and noticed my bulbuls were playing happily with their children. Perhaps both came to give this news... 😄.

Then wow!! suddenly I heard at the top of my house a beautiful singing in a melodious tone for at least 5-10 mins.
How sweet! I got elated seeing more bulbuls now.😄😍
At last life won! ❤

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