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A girl invents roller-skates and decides to show her friends.
         The birds chirped quietly as Bethany glided along. The wheels of her new invention bumbled along the densely packed dirt road. Trees whizzed by her, and light flashed suddenly across her face every few moments. Her long red hair flowed behind her freely and it felt to Bethany that she could almost be flying.
         She finally reached town and headed to the blacksmith's shop. The town's people gave her curious looks as she road along on her shoes with wheels, but Bethany paid no mind. She wanted to show her friend Burt her new invention. Upon reaching the old grungy shop, Bethany slowed to a wobbly stop.
         "Burt, Burt! Where are you?" Bethany asked. Looking around she notice much scuffed and damaged weaponry. Black soot covered just about every inch of the place, and even seemed to be ingrained into the wooden beams. Bethany's eyes wandered a little more and came to rest upon a new and shiny sword. She went over to it, almost enamored by it's dangerous beauty. Her hand gently ran over the rough leather bound hilt, to the blade that reflected her image.
         "Bethany? Is that you?" a gravelly voice asked.
         The girl quickly spun around to see her good friend Burt standing there. Burt was a big fellow and old enough to be Bethany's father. He had choppy mud brown hair and thick stubble on his face. Like the rest of the place, soot and grime covered him from head to toe. But that didn't bother Bethany, she just glided over to him and hugged him.
         "Hello Burt!" she exclaimed a bright smile appearing on her face.
         Burt chuckled. "Hello lassi, how are you?"
         There was a notable sparkle in Bethany's dazzling green eyes as she remembered the reason for her visit. "Burt, look what I made," she said pointing down to the peculiar shoes on her feet.
         "Well, well what do we have here?" Burt said getting down on one knee to get a closer look. He rubbed his chin. The shoes consisted of wooden platforms with leather straps so that Bethany's feet were secure. There were also two sets of tiny wheels on each shoe. "Hm, they seem to be shoes on wheels."
         "I call them roller-skates," Bethany replied with a giggle.
         Burt rose to his feet and raised an eyebrow. "Roller-skates?"
         Bethany nodded. "Hu-huh. They're like ice-skates, but instead of only being able to use them on ice, you can use them wherever, since they have wheels on them."
         Burt laughed. "Oh, Lassi, just when I think you couldn't make anything more, you come out with your best invention yet."
         "I knew you would like them," Bethany said beaming.
         "I bet I know someone else who would like them. That servant boy of yours," Burt said with a wink.
         "You're right! I bet that that Harry would like them," Bethany said. She then jumped up and kissed Burt on the cheek. "I'll go show him right now. See you later!"
         "Goodbye Lassi," Burt said waving as Bethany zipped off.

         It took Bethany a good minute or two to find her friend, but she soon found Harry attending to one of the royal horses.
         "There you are, I've been looking all over for you!" Bethany exclaimed jumping onto her friends back.
         Harry started a little then laughed. "Bethany, you gave me a fright. Can't you ever greet me in a normal fashion?"
         Bethany giggled and climbed off the boy. "But where would the fun be in that?"
         Harry only shook his head and smiled.
         Bethany always marveled at the fact that Harry was a servant boy, since you wouldn't really know it if you looked at him. He was tall, strong, and handsome. He had shiny golden hair and bright blue eyes. He even had fairer skin than Bethany herself, and she was a princess!
         "What do you think of my new invention?" she finally asked, reviling the roller-skates on her feet.
         Harry's eyes widened when he looked at them. "Whoa, did you make these?"
         Bethany nodded. "I sure did."
         Harry spun one of the shoes' wheels. "Fascinating."
         "Would you like to try them?" Bethany asked, noticing Harry's obvious interest.
         "Could I?" he asked a gleaming smile growing on his face.
         "Of course you can," she replied already taking off the skates. Bethany quickly help her friend put the shoes on, and he slowly stood up. "they're wobbly," he said, and almost immediately he started to fall over.
         "Carful," Bethany advised catching his arms before he fell.
         Harry nodded. "Yeah, I gathered as much."
         "Why don't you try and use them a little," Bethany suggested.
         Harry smiled nervously. "Here? In the stable?"
         She shrugged. "Where else? There's even hey to break your fall."
         "Not really. All it does is mess up your cloths," Harry said frowning.
         Bethany waved her hand. "Oh, pish posh. Come on, I did it, so you can too." She then started to guide her friend down the long passage.
         Harry kept bobbling all over the place. "I don't think I'm doing this right."
         Bethany glanced back at Harry and laughed. "That's because you need to keep your knees bent silly!"
         Harry took her advice, and he was then able to manage a little better. Pretty soon, he was able to do it all on his own.
         "Hay Bethany look. I'm skating!" Harry said laughing.
         Bethany was running along side her friend, a huge smile on her face. "See, I told you that you could do it."
         Just then the town square bell was heard. And the two people stopped.
         Bethany sighed. "Well, I guess I better go in for supper."
         "Yeah, and I need to help serve that supper," Harry retorted chuckling.
         Bethany rolled her eyes. "Oh, please, half the time you end up sitting with me, so you have nothing to complain about." She then tugged on her friend's arm. "Come on. Let's go."

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