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Acrostic written to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing
Apollo 11 landed the lunar module neatly on the moon
Reached bravely where no one had ever been before
Made history, three men's bravery, plain for all to see
Seen live on TV around the globe, none before so bold
They launched from the Kennedy Space Center, Pad 39 A
Reached past the sky, riding a rocket, astride a Saturn V
Orbited the Earth before the push towards their goal
Neatly the ess four bee changed their trajectory
Gave the trans-lunar injection, set the right direction

A mere three days was enough to transit to a lunar orbit
Landed the Eagle on the Mare Tranquillitatis
Descended to make that one small step, one giant leap
Roamed the surface, rounded up rocks, three new minerals
Inspected the "Magnificent desolation." and took pictures
Nixon rang from the Oval Room, reached our representatives

Comprised just three men of the thousands whose concerted efforts
Opened up for the Earth such possibilities to bring peace and tranquility
Left to rejoin the Command Module, and a place in history
Left footprints in the moon dust, and a plaque for posterity
In the Pacific Ocean they splashed down, back safe and sound
Never to forget when on the surface of the singular satellite, they
Saluted the flag of the US of A, the age of spaceflight is here to stay.

This poem is an acrostic. The first letter of each line spell out Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins, who were of course the crew of Apollo 11.
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