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Uses every letter of the alphabet top begin a line (twice through).
Absolutely able to offer a little advice,
Because being a better Mommy, brings benefits and
Choice! Consummate at cuddling, caring, and creative.
Doesn't disappoint you, she delights in doing things,
Especially for you,
For example,
Getting you ready to go out;
Holding your hand when you have had a horrible time;
Instantly inventing a
Joke to cheer you up.
Kissing away your boo-boos, when you've kind of hurt your knee;
Looking for your lost toy. 'Did you leave it in our loo?'
Mommy makes you mad, when she tickles you some more.
Never needs a cue, and,
Opens up her arms,
Plays patty cake and potatoes, one, two, three and four.
Quite, quietly,
Reads a
Story. Something soothing, so you sleep.
Teaches you to tell time, so you know when to get
Very good at getting you just
What you wanted for Christmas. A
You're centre of her world, and she'll take you to Chester
And because she is a cool Mommy, she always wants what's
Best for you.
Coming up with Cool things to
Do, to keep you
Entertained. Your
Friends are always wishing, that their Mommy was as
Good. But,
Here at home, you're happy, to have her to yourself..
If you had to share her, it
Just wouldn't be as nice. She's
Kind of
Like other
Mommy's, but maybe much more cool.
Not that you hadn't noticed that.
Parents aren't
Quite one half as fab.
Really you are ready, to raise your Mommy high,
So others can all see she,
Totally makes you happy.
Unending in her love for you.
Very clearly she is best, and
When you
eXpress that
You are bored, she may well take you to Chester
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