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A tribute to one of the most famous bears at Katmai National Park, Alaska.
Ode to Otis

Otis is the tops
Otis deserves the props
Without Otis, we are very sad
Until he comes back, when we celebrate
And be very glad

We all root for Otis
Every one of us
Otis is the cutest
Otis is the best

Otis is the best bear in the forest
And the river and the falls
Otis has the most magnificent muzzle
With the most wonderful floppy ear

Otis in his office
Is a wonderful sight to behold
He's zen-like, yet bold
As he fishes without trouble
He catches fish as if they were in a fish bowl

Otis is smart
Otis is patient
Otis is like the perfect
Bear for everyone's love and
As the vanguard for all Katmai bears.

We all love Otis
Otis lives in our hearts forever
'cause he's the best bear ever

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