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We Did It!

Hiking up Avalanche Peak is a real feat. Steep inclines, slippery scree, no trees to shade you from the sun. Harry and I with three other friends slogged our way up to 10,000 feet one hot, sunny day. It took about four hours to do the four miles.

We celebrated at the peak. “We did it again!” High fives all around, celebratory drinks of water. Sitting on the rocky summit, we rested for a short time. This was the second time this summer we conquered the peak. Our time beat last week’s by ten minutes.

Then they came; in running shorts, sleeveless tops, sandals. Two young men running to the summit. They jogged in place for a few minutes, gave our group a nod, then turned to run back down the path.




“Alright, let’s head down.” I led the pack back down the mountain.

Grumbling, complaining, we all started back down with aching ankles, knees, and thighs during the descent.

Suddenly we see those same two joggers coming our way.

“Really? You going back up again?”

“See you guys in a few!” yelled one guy as he passed.

I wanted to throw my water bottle at him.

We continued our journey, soon got to the bottom, where we once again yelled, “We did it again!” only to be defeated as the two joggers ran by us, barely sweating, waving and smiling. They breezed past us to their rental car.

Our group limped to the old beater car. As we piled in, Angie said, “You know, for some ancient geezers, we did it again! So onward driver! I know this bucket of bolts can pass that electric junk.”

Jogging boys puttered in an electric car as we passed in our beater car. We chanted “We did it!”.

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