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Sometimes love is a disguise, hiding toxicity and abuse.
I’ve watched my whole life get wrapped up
Into a fiction of libel
I’ve watch this fairytale, no kidding
Turn straight into a psycho
I’m half amazed, half appalled
And yet still fully on trial
And while some things meet their extinction
I’m just keen on survival

You can run me through the fires
Of the flames of your evils
You can scorch away our past
Show your hate is deceitful
You can manipulate the facts
Build a foundation so feeble
And then stand on the facade
As you defraud and turn penal

Hiding your shame in the shadows
To the display of illusions
Trying to win at all stakes
By any means or solution
Fully engaged on the warpath
Lead you straight into ruin
Trying hard to mask the facts
While your acts leave them proven

I’ll tell you right now
You’ve forgot the face of you Father
For all love has been abandoned
And you do Him no honor
You chose these actions with intent
To which you’re not even bothered
Because you’ve always lived a lie
You’re just a cheat and a robber

With your self-seeking glory
Your drama and theatrics
Your pride and your arrogance
As a self-righteous fanatic
Raise all the hell that you want
We both know it’s your habit
You are as fake as they come
Dwelling, a psychosomatic

We both know that you’re broken
But that’s just not an excuse
Instead of remaining gracious
You went back to your roots
Rooted in manipulation
And for you it just suits
If that’s the life that you lead
That’s all you’ll ever produce

And everything you achieve
Is just tainted and tarnished
You keep toiling in efforts
To seem polished and varnished
Whitewashing a tomb
Decorating in garnish
But I see right to you soul
And it’s shrouded in darkness

So go ahead and trample me
Just slander my name
If you want to be vindictive
Feel free to try and take aim
Try to kill me and break me
And bury your shame
Because the truth is, all I ever did
Was love you through the pain

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