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Thankful beyond words
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. I confess to my own shortcomings. My wife went through a period of going in and out of the hospital so much, I was feeling afraid for my life. I guess you could say I was shipwrecked. For whatever reason I woke up and it was as if the spirit of God wanted to rewrite the ship that I was deciding was better off left ashore

I am glad I gave voice to my brokenness. I honestly did not know where to go or what to do. I wrote first of all a letter to "whoever". At least it was opportunity to write which I love to do as if the blood in my veins finds a way to get on paper. Then I thought of "Open Door to Grace", one of the first groups I entered however many years ago, at least a decade. The door was knocked on and grace answered. Now I hope I can find a way to create a scholarship that will help other person's like me that get stuck, shipwrecked.

I must say in closing my most difficult struggle since arriving in Erie, Pa. Is finding friends. And yet I can say with full conviction and overflowing joy, God sent a marvellous friend, which going forward let's me know the sun is shining in the darkness. Sharon has surgery next week and I look forward to sharing how God gives victory today and everyday.
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