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Two people share a night under the stars.
         Who! Who! Went an owl off in the distance. The night air was crisp and sweet. The gentle wind that blew in from the mountains, made it just cold enough to cause a couple to draw closer. The sky was so clear that you could see every star all the way to the next galaxy. Little lights of blue, purple, and red danced across the heavens, as if putting on a show for the two people lying way below.
         "It's beautiful. Isn't it Callum?"
         Callum beheld Morana as she curled up next to him. "I've never seen anything like it," he replied.
         Morana looked at Callum, her dark, forest green eyes staring into his bright blue ones. "I guess this was a good idea after all," she said.
         Callum smiled and brushed away a strand of midnight colored hair from Morana's face. "I figured you would like it."
         Morana glanced back at the stars. "I wonder what it must be like."
         "What do you mean?" Callum asked.
         "I wonder what it must be like to be a star," Morana replied.
         Callum laughed. "You know that stars are just balls of gas waiting to explode."
         "Yeah, I know. But it just seems like having light radiate out of you like that would be so much fun." There was a long pause, then Morana said, "Sometimes I like to think that the stars have feelings. That when they're super happy, they shine really bright."
         "Like now," Callum said.
         Morana nodded. "And when they're upset, their light is dimmer or even nonexistent. That's why you can't see them when you're in town."
         "But why would they be upset when you're in town, and happy out here?" Callum asked, amused with Morana's slightly childlike idea.
         "Well, in town, the stars aren't needed. They've been replaced by lampposts and headlights. But out here, things are different. Not a car or lamppost in sight."
         Callum's amusement suddenly turned to admiration. "That's a very beautiful way of thinking."
          Morana smiled. "I do my best to think outside of the box. You never know when it could be useful." "Of course that's the only thing I can really do." She added under her breath. Morana then asked, "How did you find this place? It isn't very close to town."
         "Well, when I was growing up, my family and I didn't live in town." Callum replied.
         "How so?" Morana asked.
         Callum pointed at the blueish mountains on the horizon. "See those mountains there?" he asked.
         Morana nodded. "Yes, what about them?"
         "Well," Callum replied, "My family and I used to live in a cabin up there."
         Callum nodded. "Yup. In fact, if you look closely, you can still see its walls right over there on that peak."
         "Oh wow, I do see it!" Morana said in amazement.
         Callum smiled. "That's where I lived for the first eighteen years of my life."
         "You had a loving family and a home in the outdoors., but you were such a nature hater when we met. Why?" Morona asked.
         Callum sighed. "I guess like with everything else, if you don't continue to hang around in nature you tend to become uncomfortable with it."
         Morana raised an eyebrow. "Uncomfortable is an understatement. You were rather testy when you showed up at my doorstep."
         Callum chuckled. "Sure, but who wouldn't be if they were lost in the forest during the winter?"
         "So, then my drafty old castle must have been a relief for you to find," Morana said with a smile.
         "Oh yes. I was very relieved. Even if I had to deal with a wolf that was twice the size it should've been."
         Morana's eyes lowered to the ground. "I bet Tallis wasn't exactly the warm, kind family you were used to."
         "Maybe not, but I managed," Callum retorted with a smile.
         Both looked back up at the starry sky and, everything was quiet again.
         "Callum?" Morana suddenly asked.
         "I want to thank you for tolerating me," Morana replied.
         Callum sat up in confusion. "I don't just tolerate you Morana."
         Morana laughed. "I don't see how you could do much more. I live in an abandoned castle with a large wolf as my only companion."
         "So, I don't count?" Callum asked with a smirk.
         Morana sighed. "Well--of course you count. I just--I don't know."
         Morana was silent for a moment as she tried to keep back her tears. "It's just that I'm an outcast. I have no family; I live in the forest--"
         "Hey" Callum said intertwining his hand with hers. "You are not an outcast. You are just someone who had some unfortunate things happen to them." Morana still didn't seem convinced, so Callum tried something else. "If I just tolerated you, as you think, then why would I bring you out here? I care about you a lot, and don't you ever think otherwise."
         Morana smiled. "You're always so good to me."
         Callum gently kissed Morana. "And I always will be. Because you deserve nothing less." After a moment, Callum then looked at his watch. We should get some sleep. I do have work tomorrow."
         Morana laughed and scooted back into the warm tent behind them. "Oh, can't you just call in sick?"
         "As much as I would like to do that, I'd rather save my sick days for an emergency," Callum following Morana, and zipping the tent closed.
         "You're always so cautious," Morana said giggling.
         "But that's why you like me so much," Callum said with a wink.
         Once the lamp was out, everything fell still, and the only thing that could be heard was an owl off in the distance.

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