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by Marie
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Sweet shy calico cat....if I tell you more it will give the ending away. :)
I Have a calico Cat very quiet and shy.
He disappears when friends stop by.
They tease and ask, does he meow or cry,
Are we never ever see this little guy?
His toys are scattered around on the floor.
I have padding on every corner and door

When you're here in his presence,
Helpful things you should know.
Sit very still, be calm and pleasant,
His instincts tell if you're friend or foe.
He'll grab at your foot from under the couch,
Then grab the other before you say ouch!

Time has passed and my cat's doing well,
He now wears a collar with a little bell.
So when he hides he's not so hard to find,
That's such a blessing cause he hides all the time.

I don't let him out to play in the sun,
That's hard for I know he would have fun.
He bumps into the chair slams into the wall,
Doesn't know which way to go when I call.
He can be a handful but I don't mind,
My precious little Calico cat is blind.

Eileen Clark

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