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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2256569
entry for 8/21 world weavers championship prompt 4: Slums - approx. 441 words
Raen rubbed her hands together and blew on her fingers. Winter was coming. Raen didn't relish another long cold winter huddled in a cardboard box. She had a choice though. Master Honor Baggood of the apothecary guild had offered to sponsor her application for guild membership. Membership would mean a warm bed and full belly, some things her current situation lacked. Raen resisted the idea though. The rest of the pack had begun to join her on the corner. They huddled together. Raen couldn't abandon them to the cold. She didn't think she had the heart to abandon them like that, though that is what so many other members of the pack had done. Fred had several jobs, but he too hung in with the little ones. Raen wondered if he would ever leave the streets. Raen searched her own heart.

The fact was each and every one of her fellow street children had one thing she did not, the memory of a home that had provided care as long as it could. Raen just remembered wandering the streets, alone and hungry. She craved the idea of memories of a home and people who cared about her, took care of her. Raen's musings were interrupted by the arrival of the Sisters of Charity, with their attendant bell ringers. The eldest member of the order gestured for the wagon to stop. They opened the side panel and began handing out the small nutritionally complete loaves of nut bread. Raen accepted one and smiled then she turned and broke it in half she handed half to the smallest, newest member of her pack. He thanked her and ran off with his treasure of a loaf and a half which amounted to about half the calories he needed for the day. Raen started to walk away from the wagon but was stopped by a tap on the shoulder.

"Young lady, that was admirable. I see you do that every day," It was the eldest of the sisters present, "I would like to reward you. Open your messenger bag." Raen shrugged and did as she was told. The sister began filling the bag with closely wrapped nut bread. Raen's eyes opened wide. When Raen's bag was full, the woman smiled, "You know child, we are always looking for new members of our order."

Raen blinked and closed her bag, "Thank you sister, but I don't think I am called to your group."

The woman smiled again and nodded, "Go in peace and share what you have been given.

"Gladly," Raen skipped off and began handing half loaves to the other street children in the vicinity.

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