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by Cheva
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John is never happy. Maybe the covid vaccine has a hidden benefit?
“It seems pretty coincidental that the whole world is doing this vaccine thing. I think there might be something in this mind control thing…all the governments using this as part of their mind control agenda”

“Well there is a pandemic. And we can’t get our government to agree with itself, it would be surprising if all governments in the world agreed to something like that?”

“More lefty political bullshit like this global warming scare mongering”

“That reminds me. Can you not talk about your anti global warming at work. It’s not right.”

“I talk about what I want, especially at my own business. There will be none of this anti hate-speak bullshit in my business either.”

“What does that mean? How does that line up with our new focus on staff mental health?”

“Everyone knows they can talk to me about anything any time. I have an open door policy.”

“Hmm… don’t you have to not talk to listen?”

“What? Everyone knows I’m there for them. I was the one who kept everyone’s wages at 100% in lockdown when you wanted to cut them back.”

“We didn’t know what was going to happen! Thank goodness for the government subsidy.”

“What? That lefty, communist, socialist, homeless loving government? And then they raise sick leave days and increase business tax. They are killing us. Destroying the country”

“Yes well.. I don’t want to have homeless people everywhere.”

“You aren’t harassed by homeless people. They are pretty much all your people. I’m the white man. I am the one who gets harassed while you lot get your special treatment. Look at the news. All they can talk about is getting you lot vaccinated. It’s special treatment.”

“Yes well…..”

“Well I got my text. I’m going in on Wednesday.”

“I thought you said it was mind control?”

“Well I don’t want to get mixed with those anti-vax weirdos. And I can’t go to any overseas conferences without it. When are you getting yours?”

“I don’t know. No one has texted me at all.”

“Well you need to sort it. I need you to come to conferences with me. I just want to have you with me… I don’t like being away from you.”

“Well I will just have to do what I can. Until I get that text I can’t go anywhere with you love… and I suppose all we can do is blame the government.”

“That bunch of dishonest fools, pack of lying bastards. All those women in there sending the country to ruin with all that “care more” bullshit. Caring won’t win any wars.”

“I suppose that is true love. Well at least you are getting vaccinated soon. Tell you what – I will start booking your travel plans as soon as I get to work tomorrow."

“But I hate to travel without you…”

“I know…I’ll just have to stay home with the cats, my son, work and do my writing. We all have to sacrifice in times like this…it’s out civic duty.”
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