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A list of things I do not allow in my stories or do not like writing about.
I have been here for years and never once tried this so I will put it up now. By now people ought to know what I don't like, but again putting up now. This is just my personal dislikes. Do not blow a gasket.
Let me begin with the big offenders.
1: Cuckoldry/NTR. I really hate it. If I'm going to write about a character being in a relationship with another one with an established relationship there's either going to be a breakup, some widowing, or an AU.
2: Vore. I'll allow cock vore and maybe tail vore like Cell from the Dragon Ball series but those are only in certain circumstances. Will I write about monsters swallowing people whole? Yeah but it's not going to be fetishy.
3: Male impregnation. I don't want to explain that one.
4: Scat and urine. I don't see what could be appealing about it.
5: Diapers. It goes with #4 there. I will admit that in my Yugioh 5ds Harem v2 story that I did put one character in a diaper but that was more of a humiliation thing. Now would I write about diapers being used like that? Kinda maybe but I don't see myself doing any diaper chapters.
And speaking of fetishes that combine with another I don't like. 6: The interracial fetish. It goes with #1 there, and I don't like it by association.
6: Gay sex. I don't think I need to go into further detail.
7: Beastilaity, anthros, pony stuff, and furries. Do I really need to explain?
8: Necrophilia
9: Feminization/sissy

Minor stuff
1: Femdom. It's not my cup of tea.

Stuff that is only okay depending on how I'm feeling:
1: Sex change/gender bender: Every now and then I will allow it. If a male character becomes female and has sex with a female character I will not count that as yuri. And if it happens I tend to make it temporary.
2: Weight gain. Depends on how I'm feeling. As with the one above I like it when it's temporary.
3: Futa. I used to like it when if it was just futa on girls but 95% of the time I won't allow it anymore.

That's about it. If I'm missing something I'll update this.
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