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Here's 20 Interesting fun facts about New England's delicacy the Maine lobster.
         The Maine lobster is the ocean's preciously crusty scrumptious crustacean, and they hatch from eggs that are no lager than that of the head of a pin. Thousands of lobster eggs are held together with a jelly like glue substance, which are suspended from the female lobster's tail. It takes about a month before the little lobster starts looking like a lobster. They look more like an insect with no claws than a lobster. Many of those little baby lobsters end up as fish food. Most of the lobster's youth is spent in hiding on the bottom of the ocean. Lobster's are lured into lobster traps with the promise of food, and they come out of the ocean in an array of different colors, but they all turn red when they are cooked.
20 Interesting fun facts about New England's delicacy the Maine lobster (Lick your lips and get ready)

1. There are around 6,000 licensed lobster men in the state of Maine.

2. The law states that the lobster boats all must match the colors painted on the lobster man's buoys.

3. The lobster men must catch at least 150 pounds of lobster just to cover the cost of bait and fuel.

4. There are around three million lobster traps in the state of Maine's waters.

5. The lobster man can only set out 800 lobster traps at any one given time.

6. The tasty lobster was considered poor man's protein at one time, but with today's high cost of lobster that's certainly not the case any longer.

7. The law states that for the lobster man to be able to legally keep the lobster a measurement must be made with a gauge placed between the eye socket and the end of the large body shell.

8. The lobster's diet includes crabs, mussels, fish, clams, sea urchins, as well as other lobsters.

9. The lobster's teeth are located inside of the lobster's stomach.

10. It takes 5 one pound lobsters to make just one pound of meat.

11. Lobsters can swim forwards and backwards using their tails.

12. Lobsters can live up to 100 years of age.

13. Three and a half ounces of lobster meat only has 96 calories, and two grams of fat. Talk about watching your weight!

14. Lobster's have the ability to regenerate their legs, antennae, and their claws.

15. In the state of Maine the commercial fishing for lobsters is now a $1.8 billion industry

16. Forget about Happy Meals, Big Macs, and McChickens at MacDonalds. This fast food restaurant in the state of Maine exclusively serves lobster rolls on their menus.

17. Lobsters were once so plentiful back in the early 1800's that you could just go and gather them up by hand from the shoreline.

18. One of the weaknesses of a lobster is that they have poor eyesight, but on the other hand a lobster has great sense of smell.

19. After a storm up to thousands of lobsters have been seen forming into columns and migrating in search of a new home. This is referred to by lobster men as the lobster march, not to be confused by the song "Rock Lobster" by the musical group the B-52's.

20. A good authority reports that the world's finest lobster comes from out of the water's of the state of Maine. Of coarse that good authority is a local Maine lobster man named Brian.

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