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Rated: E · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2256663
Thrice prompted entry for 8/21
Prompt/ Wordcount

While Beaoul was invisible to basically everyone else in the square Raen easily saw the female hellhound running ahead of her. Raen followed her as closely as she could. The speed she managed to run surprised her. Maybe it was true that Raen was something more than an ordinary human. Raen glanced back to see Mira Black in pursuit. The literal Queen of Darkness moved at a respectable ground-eating pace while still maintaining the illusion of effortless pursuit. When Raen turned her attention back to Beaoul, she nearly missed the hellhound taking a turn down an alleyway. Raen wanted to yell no. It was a blind alley. It ended in a large locked door that hadn’t been opened in decades.

Raen put on the speed and soon caught up to Beaoul. Nearly breathless, Raen exploded at the hellhound, “Great! You led us down a blind alley!”

“Oh, shut up, I know what I am doing!” Beaoul stopped in front of the door and sniffed at the lock. “I have a key on a necklace around my neck, take it and use it to unlock this door!”

Raen took the key from Beaoul, “Why don’t you? I thought you could do anything I can!”

“I have paws, no thumbs. I would usually use my telekinesis, but that dart Mira gave you to use on me blocked almost all of my abilities!”

Raen hesitantly trusted Beaoul. What choice did she have? She took the key and inserted it in the door’s lock. Shockingly the key turned. Raen tentatively turned the knob and pushed the door open. The light on the other side was blinding. “Come on, she’s right behind us. If we don’t get this portal closed she’ll be able to follow us!” Beaoul growled. She stalked through the door past Raen, the scraping of her claws on the cobblestone fell silent as she stepped through the portal to something.

Raen hesitated to follow the hellhound. After all Beaoul had been Mira’s servant most of her life. The truth was that Beaoul had never chosen to follow Mira, and she had run away from the Queen of Darkness on her own.

Raen sighed, pulled the key from the lock, and ran through the portal. Blinded by the light of their destination, Raen could only hear the sound of Beaoul slamming the door closed behind her, closing the portal between Tradehub and this new dimension of reality abruptly. “About time, I could see her coming. She almost had us!”

Raen blinked against the brightness after the darkness they had come from. Her eyes watered and then cleared. They stood in a space of infinite whiteness. It extended in every direction from their position, even above and below. There was nothing she could detect supporting them where they stood. Raen took in the openness and felt her head spinning. She was incredibly dizzy. Motion sickness that she had never experienced before left her losing her nut loaf onto the surface where they stood. She was too busy falling to her knees to find the way the surface absorbed her vomit entertaining.

“Are you okay?”

“Where are we?” Raen held her head, she felt perilously close to passing out.

“A middle of everywhen, it is a living bubble of space-time separate from the regular universe outside. We’re safe here,” Beaoul sheathed her claws and put a steadying paw on Raen’s back.

Raen wondered at the hellhound’s definition of “safe.” “I feel like I’m going to pass out!”

“I should have warned you. In stepping through that portal you stepped from a moving object, into a completely still place. This place doesn’t revolve around poles or orbit anything. As a psychically sensitive person, you can sense that and…” The rest of Beaoul’s explaination trailed off as Raen finally passed out.
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