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Even the Score

“Somebody is at the door! The door! Door!” I kept trying to tell everyone, but no one listened.

I tried again. “Somebody! At! The! Door!” then “The door! The door!”

Perhaps I wasn’t loud enough.

“Door! Door! Door!” I exclaimed as loud as I could.

“Would you please shut up!” Ruby yelled at me. “Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!!” Message delivered, Ruby went back to bed.

No one came to check. Definitely need to wake up these folks. I jumped on the bed, tore off the covers, threw Julie’s pillow to the floor.

Julie stirred, then sat up. “Hey! Stop that. What is the problem?”

“The door! The door! Check the door!”

“I don’t understand. Now go away, leave us alone.”

“What? What’s all the commotion?” Steve mumbled, half asleep.

“Jade’s all agitated. I don’t understand what she’s saying. I’m going back to sleep.”

Steve got out of bed. Finally, someone to check the door!

Steve stumbled to the front door. No one there. “Really?” He looked at me. “You woke us up for nothing? Come with me, young lady.”

Steve pushed me out the back door, slid it shut, then disappeared. I looked inside.

Ruby stood near the door. A big cat smile on her face. She mouthed the words, “The game continues. Score 1 for Ruby.” Then she disappeared.

So it was her! That little devil. She can’t get the best of this dog.

I scratched on the door. Ruby came over.

“Let me in, you furry devil.”

No response. She laid down to watch.

“You’re a little troublemaker. Let me in!” Louder this time, just in case she didn’t hear.

Steve came to the door, slid it open. “Are you still barking? Get in here.” I went in. Ruby got booted out.

Score now tied. Jade 4, Ruby 4.

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